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Known for its diversity and impressive range of businesses, London beautifully combines some of the most successful corporations and historical architecture, alongside some of the best experiences Europe has to offer. If you’re looking to grow your career with an internship after graduation, London is your city. Read on to learn more about this historic city and our London graduate program. 

internship after graduation

Internship after graduation

Our graduate internship in London offers recent graduates with international aspirations a competitive edge over their peers. As a global hub for business, finance, fashion, and history, an internship in London will help kick start your professional career while giving you a life-changing experience. We work with over 500 companies to ensure that you have an internship that will fit all your desired skills and career goals. 
Gooverseas best internship provider award

Top Internship Provider

For most interns, the whole point of an internship after graduation is growth: professional, and/or personal development that can only be gained through real, international work experience. Go Overseas asked every intern alumni to rate the growth they experienced over the course of their internship abroad and Capital Placement was awarded a Winner, among internship providers, for delivering internships with the highest personal growth for our customers.

Graduate Internship Process

Our application process for our graduate internships in London is quite simple. Here’s how it works: 


Request a Callback

Our call back request is designed to answer all the questions you may have about our programs. We are friendly bunch so don’t be shy! 


Skype Interview

Once you’re ready to get started with your London internship,  you can apply online and schedule an interview with our placement team.


Offer & Deposit

If you successfully pass the interview, you will receive an offer to join our graduate internships in London. You will then have 5 days to pay the deposit ( £450/ $650 ) and accept the offer. 



Once you have accepted the offer, we will begin working on matching you to an employer for an internship and getting the internship visa. This entire process can take 2-4 months.

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Here at Capital Placement, we work to have a deeper understanding of your career goals and aspirations. By taking the time to understand your needs, we guarantee to find a perfect internship after graduation. Here’s an overview of our on-boarding process: 

graduate internships in london

Step 1: Internship

We will find a company that will align with your professional development goals. During this time,  you will interview with our partner companies to find your perfect placement. Please allow 4-12 weeks for this process.

tier 5 internship visa

Step 2: Visa Process

Once the right company have been found, we will then help you with the entire visa process. The process takes 6- 8 weeks. This involves obtaining your visa sponsorship and helping you with your visa application and your embassy appointment.

Travel Support

Step 3: Travel Support

Once you’ve secured your visa, we will work with you to ensure you are ready for your internship in London. From helping you book your flight tickets to help arranging accommodation, we will make sure you are London ready.

Created by interns for other interns

Our founders were interns when they started the company. They realised poor value, the lack of customer service and transparency provided by incumbent companies. Therefore, we strive to ensure transparency in our process, dedicated customer service and high-quality, financially sustainable graduate internships in London.


Not meeting the below requirement? speak to our placement team
  • Be 20 years or older
  • Should not be a UK or Ireland passport holder
  • Be a recent graduate or postgraduate, who has graduated within 12 months of your intended internship start date
  • You must have a valid IELTS certificate with a minimum score of 6.5 if you are not from a native English speaking country. Alternatively, you can provide your degree certificate if you have completed your degree in the UK or one of the countries listed under the exemption section here
  • Be willing to make your Tier 5 application at the UK embassy in your home country (switching visas within the UK is not allowed i.e Tier 4 to Tier 5 or visitor visa to Tier 5)
  • Fill in our online application and pass our Skype interview

Have questions? 

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Program Inclusion


Program Inclusions
Capital Placement
Graduate Internship in London*
Tier 5 Intern Visa Sponsorship & Fees
Visa Assistance
Travel and Medical Insurance**
Regular Social & Cultural Events
24/7 Emergency Support
End-To-End Service***
Dedicated Program Advisor
Visa Application Fees (GBP £244)X
Accommodation & Flight ticketsX
Food and other personal expensesX

An expenses paid internship usually covers your travel and lunch expenses. A paid internship typically pays at least £1300 a month

** Only available for internships up to 6 months

*** We will work with you every step of the way. From your initial callback to your arrival we are here for you

Our guarantee

We work hard to ensure we find an internship that matches your career and personal goals. If we fail to find you an internship that you are happy with, we will refund the application and deposit fees in full. It’s our guarantee

Program Fees


Program Duration
Program Fees
6 Months Program£3,000
12 Month Program*£4,500
  1. The deposit of £450 /$600 is due if you successfully pass our Skype interview and wish to accept our offer.
  2. 50% of the remaining program fee is due once you receive an offer letter from the company you will be interning with.
  3. The remaining 50% is due once we have obtained a Certificate of Sponsorship for your Tier 5 Internship Visa.
    *12- month program is only available for candidates who are not eligible for the 6-month program or have completed a 6-month internship previously with Capital Placement. 

Speak to our placement team about your internship after graduation!

Our Interns Experience

Graduate Internships FAQs

About London

Will the graduate internships in London be paid?

The majority of our graduate internships are paid internships. The eligibility for a paid internship will depend upon your work experience history. If you do not have any prior experience, do not worry. We would still recommend you apply anyway and we will further discuss how we can help you.

How long does the process take to find an internship after graduation?

Our usual process will take 3 months from you placing the deposit to you arriving in London to start your internship.

What nationalities are allowed intern in London?

In order to be eligible for our London internship, you must not be a UK or Ireland passport holder.

What is the difference between the Certificate of Sponsorship fee and Visa Application fee?

Applicants who do not hold a valid passport from the United Kingdom or Ireland are required to have a Certificate of Sponsorship in order to apply for a visa to do an internship in the United Kingdom. At Capital Placement, the cost of the Certificate of Sponsorship is included in your programme fee. The Visa Application fee is something you pay directly to the British Embassy in your home country when you submit your passport and application for the visa to be stamped. This fee of £244 is not included in your program fee.



Why isn’t the accommodation included in the program fee?

We find the majority of graduates prefer their own way of life and this also includes their housing. Therefore, we’ve partnered up with some great accommodation providers we trust, who will have everything you’re looking for and on an intern-friendly budget. 

How much does the program cost?

The London program is £3,000 in total for 6 months or £4,500 if you are looking for a 12 month internship. Take a look at the section on fees on this page to see all the inclusions and exclusions for the program. 

How do the payments work?

If you have successfully passed our interview and have received an offer to join, you will need to pay a deposit of £450 to secure your place on the program. The deposit will be deducted from the total program fee. The remaining amount will be split into two payments. The first payment is due once you have accepted an internship offer from the employer you wish to work for. The final amount is due once you have received your Tier 5 visa sponsorship.

Do you offer any financial assistance or scholarship?

For any internship program over 13 weeks, we offer a graduate scholarship. You can find out more information about the scholarship on our scholarship page.

What is the refund policy?

If Capital Placement fails to find you an internship that you are happy with, we will refund your deposit in full. You can read more about refund policy on our guarantees page. 

About the London Program

Do I need a degree to be eligible for the graduate internships in London?

Our graduate internships are designed for all recent graduates and postgraduates. You can apply for our graduate program up to 18 months before your graduation date. However, you will need your degree certificate before you can start your internship in London. If you would prefer to do an internship while at university, you can take a look at our short-term programs

What is included in the Graduate Internships in London?

We understand interning in London is a big step and one that can be quite daunting to figure out. Therefore, we make sure to help you every step of the way. Our London Program will include a paid internship, Tier 5 visa sponsorship, visa assistance, regular social and cultural events, 24/7 emergency support, end-to-end service, a dedicated advisor, and extensive resources. We will work to ensure you are 100% ready to rock and roll in London. 

Do I need a university degree first to be eligible for an internship after graduation?

No, you can apply for our graduate internships before you have officially obtained your degree. However, you cannot start your internship until you have graduated and have officially received your degree. 

What is not included in the program fee?

Airfare, airport pick up & drop off, sim card, daily transportation cost, food and other personal expenses and your visa application fee. Please note that the visa sponsorship fee (included) is different from your visa application fee  (not included).

Do you provide flight tickets with the program?

The cost of your flight ticket is not included in the program fee, both to ensure flexibility in price and timing for you in your travels. If you would like, we are more than happy to assist you with finding and booking your flights in order to ensure that you find the best price and itinerary for your needs.

When is the deadline to apply? 

Applicants are accepted on a rolling basis. However, we would recommend that you apply no later than 3 months of your desired date. This is due to visa processing times. If you do not have a flexible schedule, we would recommend you apply as early as you can to ensure your desired start date is possible.

Do you have any fast-track service?

We usually ask to have applications at least 12 weeks prior to the start date of the internship. 

However, we do understand things do not always go to plan and if you are coming to us at the last-minute, we may still be able to help. You can get your visa sponsorship and visa faster through the optional premium services offered by the UK Government. This charge of £550 is paid directly to the government itself and not to Capital Placement and will reduce the visa sponsorship and application time from 6/7 weeks to 2 weeks. If you apply for our program with less than 8 weeks prior to your intended start date, this premium has to be paid in order to ensure you start your internship on time.  

About Your Internship

Can I see a list of employers or choose to intern at a specific company?

Capital Placement partners with over 1500 companies across all of our destinations, therefore, we do not have a static list of all our partner companies. During your interview with our placement team, we can talk to you about a few of the companies that may be beneficial to your career goals. If none of our current companies meets your criteria, we will partner with new companies that may be a better fit for you. Book a call with us and we will be happy to provide you with examples of some of the firms we think might be a good fit for your internship in London. 

Do I need to have experience to get a paid internship?

For our paid internships, candidates should have some prior experience in the industry and transferable skills. If you do not have any previous experience, have a talk with one of our placement advisors and we can further discuss how we can help you. 

How much am I getting paid?

If you qualify for our paid internships, you will receive at least the national minimum wage. This will typically be at least £1,300 per month. 

What kind of company will I be interning with?

There is no single answer that can be given to that question. It depends entirely on the strength of your application, your performance during the interview, industry preferences and the duration you have applied for. The companies we work with range from start-ups to large multinationals. The one thing that they all have in common is that your internship with them will be both challenging and rewarding.

With all of Capital Placement’s programs, you are in complete control. If you successfully pass our Skype interview, we will further discuss a series of companies that may be a good fit for you. If you are not satisfied with the company’s you have been provided with, we can provide you with additional company options for you to choose from. If in the unlikely event that we are unable to find you a company that matches your preferences, a full refund will be provided to you. See our Guarantees page for more information on our promise to you. 

What do you mean by a guaranteed internship?

At Capital Placement, we take great pride in the fact that we guarantee an internship for you. Specifically, once you have been accepted on to one of our programmes, we guarantee that you will be placed in an internship in the city and the industry that you have requested.

To make this happen, we take the time to get to know you, which ensures that all of our internships are tailored to your individual preferences, needs, and professional and personal goals.

Can I change the company once I start my internship?

Once you have started your internship, it is not possible to change the company you are working for as your visa is tied to the company you are interning with.

When can I book my flights to London?

We would recommend not buying your flight out until you have received your Tier 5 visa.

How long does the process take for our graduate internships?

Our process will usually take 3 months from you placing your deposit to arriving in London. 

Why should I do an internship after graduation?

An internship after graduation will help you gain skills and experience that will help differentiate you from your peers. It is no secret that employers prefer candidates who have a significant amount of prior experience. Therefore, doing an internship after graduation and while abroad will give you a competitive edge over your peers. In addition to the added skills and experience, there are a number of other benefits to interning abroad. Check them out here. 

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