Advertising Internship

We offer a wide range of partner companies that are established firms specializing in advertising, marketing and sales.

Advertising involves preparing and executing campaign strategies, media plans and advertising development and design. Interns will have the opportunity to direct and work on an organization’s advertising and promotional campaigns for print, television, internet and social media. Interns will learn how to build relationships and meet with clients to explain advertising needs and various options available in the agency. Interns will be tasked with global content writing for company websites, blogs, social media and sales and marketing. This internship will help interns understand media planning, graphic arts and graphic designing.

The role requires knowledge of media planning and campaign development principles including formulation of advertising strategies and selling advertising space or time. Interns will gain perspective on their specific interests in the broad advertising landscape. Interns may also enhance their creative thinking, problem-solving and leadership skills during the internship.


Account Management

Assist with outbound marketing communication initiatives to seek new business for advertisements. Manage prominent-level clients for advertising campaigns. Work to build client relationships to assist with business development needs related to advertising, marketing and sales support.


Provide administrative support and learn to operate within client budgets. Assist with tracking advertising data and various financial reports, including (but not limited to) sales reporting, advertising budgets and promotional forecasting.


Provide technical support to technical staff such as animators, graphic designers and web designers to understand print and audio-visual advertising campaigns. Understand computer graphics methods and use graphics with communication devices in order to communicate with various clients. Assist and organize in the coordination and execution of brand events, photo shoots and meetings.

Research and Media Planning

Conduct competitive analysis and market research to and gather information on media campaigning and to understand trends in the market.


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