Business Internship

Our partner companies range from small businesses and start-ups, to medium and large-scale firms with interesting products and services.

A Business internship often involves working with professionals to observe and gain familiarity in a particular industry, company or process. It usually provides a learning experience on office systems and procedures. Duties may include conducting research, collecting and analysing data related to personnel management, procurement and logistics, and sales and marketing. An intern may be given opportunities to form business strategies and handle project implementation. Interns are typically tasked to assist management with planning, review of operational efficiency, decision-making and policy creation.

The role requires knowledge of word processing, organisation skills and business management principles. During the internship, interns may enhance skills in business acumen, system analysis, service orientation and leadership techniques, among others.


Business Operations

Assist with managing daily operations by setting plans and goals for personnel management. Carry out purchasing and administrative services.

Business Development

Prepare and analyse competitive market strategies and business trends to diversify products and services, and to expand client network.


Provide support in planning and managing operations typically through information systems, facilities management and human resources. Analyse and prepare reports for senior personnel. Organize seminars, conferences and other company events.

Project Management

Be involved with planning and managing projects by assisting with progress monitoring to ensure targets on schedule, cost and standards are met. Make most of the opportunity to liaise with different teams.

Client Communication and Customer Service

Interact with clients by providing information in response to inquiries. Understand business policies and procedures to be able to receive and resolve complaints effectively.


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