Engineering Internship

We have a range of partner companies involved in civil engineering and construction, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical and automobile engineering, and project management.

An Engineering internship typically provides hands-on experience and application of theory, techniques and principles. Interns are often immersed with operations to learn about standards and procedures, and are usually under the supervision of professionals, consultants and experts. Work activities often include product research, design, materials handling, manufacturing, production, fabrication and actual operations. Engineering interns may be provided with an opportunity to keep abreast of new technology and use professional resources, tools and equipment. Industry regulations and best practices on operational health and safety procedures may be imparted during the internship.

To be successful in the role, an intern must have knowledge in engineering science and relevant computer application, software and tools. Usually, this internship will enrich skills in communication, coordination and management, along with technical knowledge and capabilities.


Technical Research and Development

Provide support in the design and assembly of product prototypes. Draft specifications and procedures, assist with product testing and evaluate results to improve existing products or develop new ones.

Planning and Costing

Study project plans and specifications to determine requirements and resources. Coordinate with vendors, clients and project teams to determine costs which will help management bid or set the price of products and services.

Project Management

Participate in concept creation and design of a project, and oversee budget, schedule and implementation. Create reports for progress monitoring, investigate concerns and prepare action plans to resolve and troubleshoot problems.

Site Inspection

Assist with inspection of project site to ensure compliance with technical specifications, and applicable policies and regulations. Liaise with contractors and project teams, and enforce relevant procedures for health and safety standards.


Assist in conducting materials testing and analysis. Study procedures and specifications, then report and recommend actions based on data gathered to optimize performance and ensure quality control.


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