Fashion Internship

We partner with companies who offer hands-on-experience in fashion design, management, merchandising and much more. This internship is a great opportunity to learn what it takes to succeed in the fashion industry.

Fashion internships offer an opportunity to learn about business-to-business trade between the fashion supply and demand side, as well as trends and forecasts, production processes, finances, fashion marketing and sales, fashion design processes, fashion media coverage, as well as international and public relations. Working in Fashion, interns may be involved in administration of fashion distribution, stock control, product merchandising, invoice management and control, assistance with production processes, and learning clothes manufacturing and design techniques. Interns will have the opportunity to learn about generating ideas and concepts, understanding designs and keeping up-to-date with emerging fashion trends, as well as general trends relating to fabrics, colours and shapes. Interns may learn how to sketch their designs by hand and digitally sketch their ideas with computer-aided design (CAD) programs which allow interns to see and adjust their work on virtual models.

This role requires knowledge of fashion principles and methodologies, as well as all aspects of the apparel industry, pre-production and production, garments consumption, costing, patterns, supervised samples, sewing rooms, mass garment production and cost and quality control. This role also requires interns to know how to fabricate designs that appeal to the target audience, and then to promote the product line with complementing campaigns. Interns will assist with a large scope of work, such as enhancing fashion and design methods, visualizing an idea and producing a design by using computer-aided design (CAD).


Merchandising (Buying and Selling)

Provide support with selecting, purchasing design samples, managing production and keeping client’s individual preferences in mind. Assist with executing garment orders, and ensure orders are accurate. Manage and check material and labour reports for fashion styles. Update clients on new samples and production status. Coordinate the overall process of interacting with clients about quality fashion design pieces. Assist with adapting the business model to support the current ways of working across merchandising.

Fashion Design

Provide support with creating original clothing, sketching designs, selecting fabrics and patterns, and providing instructions on how to create the design. Research and design seasonal collections. Prepare mood boards and color pallet, then decide on them for seasonal collections. Develop new concepts with other designers to create a prototype design. Present design ideas to the creative, and/or showcase them in fashion or trade shows. Visit manufacturers or trade shows to source and select fabrics, embellishments, colors or styles for each garment or accessory. Prepare and manage photoshoots, inventory and merchandising, and interact with clients. Follow up with customers and deliver the best quality designs.

Fashion Management

Organize and provide assistance with photoshoots, help with exhibitions and work with designers on the coordination of orders. Assist with planning, briefing, development and analysis of all marketing activities including direct fashion marketing messaging. Market fashion designs to clothing retailers or directly to consumers. Oversee the final production of garments and designs.


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