Finance Internship

We offer a Finance internship which offers students the opportunity to apply knowledge acquired in the classroom to real-world situations and to gain the skills and experience that is necessary for a successful career in Finance Management.

Finance internships provide exposure to the development and implementation of policies and practices for financial management, payroll, budget control, financial governance compliance and accounting. A Finance internship involves working with accounts receivable, payable, payroll management and accounting processes necessary for executing financial management. Interns will have an opportunity to assist with month-end financial reports and may be required to help prepare monthly or weekly financial reports by utilising spreadsheets, databases and other computer applications.

This role requires knowledge of the basic principles and practices of accounting and financial analysis, financial compliance requirements, underwriting procedures, current investment trends and portfolio management. For this role, interns will typically need to use quantitative and analytical skills, data interpreting skills, advanced computer knowledge (including how to use spreadsheets and make earnings reports), analytical and problem-solving skills, managerial and organizational skills and research skills, as well as knowing how to analyze numbers to create financial models and projections.


Private Equity

Provide initial investment review and screening of prospective investment opportunities for the firm, and track the firm’s investment pipeline. Carry out extensive financial modeling, including sensitivity analysis to support potential investment opportunities. Provide financial evaluation of project investment opportunities including review of project documents such as power purchase agreements, steam agreements, fuel contracts and financing agreements. May participate in negotiations on behalf of the firm for new investments dealing with partnership arrangements, financing arrangements and other project contacts which impact the project return. Provide ongoing monitoring of assets with the firm’s portfolios, including review of monthly operating results and maintaining project performance. May meet with project developers, project partners, financial institutions and consultants on matters related to the financial performance of projects and investments.

Venture Capital

Support venture capitalists and perform due diligence on potential business investments. Assist with forecast to determine whether a business shows enough potential profitability to warrant investing. Manage deal prospects from first conversation through term sheet to deal close, coordinating resources to assess and win the deal. Lead and coordinate deal analysis, financial modeling and due diligence. Monitor and investigate macro and micro industry trends to recommend new sectors of technology for evaluation and potential investment. Provide support to the partners in all aspects of potential and active investments in start-up internet and consumer companies.

Asset Management

Assist in all aspects of the administrative, financial, capital and operations of the assigned portfolio. Assist in the preparation and approval process of property operating budgets. Carry out financial analysis, market studies and industry standard reporting (i.e. variance reporting, discounted cash flows, IRR’s, etc.). Work to maximize returns and minimize losses on assets and investments. Assist in the due diligence and underwriting of potential acquisitions. Provide monthly reviews of operating statements quarterly and annual reporting of the portfolio. Assess and manage risks associated with current assets. Oversee local third-party property managers and leasing agents. Negotiate lease and property renewal contracts. Managers will prepare reports and perform analysis for research to proactively identify potential loan delinquencies and revenue losses.


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