Investment Banking Internship

We offer a range of partner companies that provide experience in corporate finance, merger acquisitions, equity research, risk and compliance, and operations.

Investment Banking internships offer hands-on experience and learning in negotiations of equitable agreement, employee contracts, financing and future liabilities. Investment Banking involves conducting research on potential acquisitions to find those that are relevant and financially beneficial for a merger or acquisitions. A financial review of all data relevant to the potential merger or acquisitions, including a risk assessment of the target company’s current management and operational structure are necessary to execute an acquisition.

This role requires knowledge of overseeing, making plans and directing all aspects of an organization’s efforts to achieve growth through mergers, acquisitions and divestitures. The candidates are expected to have strong mathematical and analysis skills to secure an internship in this industry.


Merger and Acquisition

Provide support with analysing industry prospects by gathering information about growth, competitors and market share possibilities. Assist with reviewing company fundamentals and financial statements. May participate in merger and acquisition negotiations. Assist with facilitating the purchase or consolidation of companies from inception to the final merger. May participate in merger and acquisition negotiations.

Corporate Finance

Prepare analyses of a business financial standing, generate reports from financial data, and present the resulting findings. May assess and monitor financial situations, including investments, savings, risk tolerance, asset allocation, estate, and tax planning. Accurately and efficiently analyze vast amounts of data. Provide support on identifying and assessing new financial strategies, then present recommendations and carry out revised plans to achieve those goals.

Equity Research

Prepare detailed financial models of company valuations and industrial case studies, along with preparing company details model for providing quality data assessment for research process involved in equity analysis. Assist with monitoring trends in specific industries, initiate and supervise research on companies in those sectors, recommend what stocks investors should buy or sell and provide reliable research that backs up those recommendations. May prepare and present industrial research reports, market scenario analysis, graphical models and presentations, and other relevant documents to convey the investment plan efficiently.

Risk and Compliance

Provide support with developing and implementing an effective legal compliance program. Assist with auditing processes, practices and documents. May develop internal control plans and monitor adherence to those plans. Provide assistance with educating and training employees on regulations and industry practices. Assist with evaluation of business investment activities to assess compliance risk.


Provide support to all business units including administrative, financial and human resource departments. Conduct regular operational reviews and audits for preventive maintenance. Measure effectiveness and efficiency of operational processes both internally and externally, and find ways to improve processes. Perform budget allocation and expense management for all business operational activities.


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