This internship programme is focused on those who are interested in learning about local and international non-profit or charity work. Our partner companies offer opportunities for a hands-on experience working in a non-governmental organisation (NGO) or charity organisation.

A NGO and Charity Internship provides an opportunity for interns to observe and provide support for the day-to-day running of the NGO. Duties may include assisting with social media marketing, conducting research, fundraising and grant writing. An intern may be given opportunities to attend meetings and conference calls with executive staff, potential domestic and international partner organizations, private foundations, government agencies and other key partners. Interns may assist management with research issues related to international relations, international development, human rights, women’s rights, children’s rights and gender.

Interns will have a unique opportunity to gain an understanding of the various aspects of the management required to support a local or international NGO to gain a broad understanding of NGO oversight, daily operations, partnership development and fiscal management. During the internship, interns may enhance knowledge of the law, international rights laws, non-profits, cultural awareness and sensitivity, and monitoring and evaluation techniques.


Research and Grant Writing

Provide grant development seeking out and identifying possible funding opportunities. Provide support in research and curriculum design for grant applications. Assist with conducting in-depth research on country-specific issues, potential partners and current events. Assist with proposal, budget development and support for individual country programs. Assist with developing monitoring and evaluation frameworks, data collection tools, as well as processing information received from partners. May conduct research on international standard of human rights and may also draft statements on policy proposals.

Women’s Rights Internship

Assist with community development strategies, offer legal research and draft reports on findings and recommended plans. Research facts about the violence against women as well as the legal systems that are causing such violence. Report updates regarding improvements in such systems. May conduct investigative research related to the impact of violence against women. Provide support with developing a structure and methodology for an investigative study related to violence against women. May organise women’s rights events, seminars and conferences.

Children’s Rights Internship

Assist with research and data collection of information about the violation of children’s rights at domestic and international levels.

Human Rights Internship

Draft and submit memoranda and reports. Conduct research on a human rights situation in geographical area of interest. Conduct research for publications and program work on gender dimensions of women’s health and violence against the gender and peace-building and political participation. Monitor, investigate and document human rights developments, and report findings in a final draft.

Fundraising and Event Planning

Assist with developing donor solicitations, appreciation materials and annual reports. Provide support to the management team by tracking contacts and managing communication with new partners and donors through in-office meetings, conferences and email communication. May make press releases, plan and prepare for events, and participate in fundraising events for public relations. Assist with raising awareness for service projects and engaging directly with the community.

Office and Administration

Provide office assistance in relation to filing systems, expense reports, bill payments and budget management. Prepare and edit print and online communication materials, including social media posts and monthly newsletters. May arrange meetings, take minutes and submit final drafts to executive team.


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