About Capital Placement

Capital Placement offers global internship programmes for students and recent graduates, with one of our 1500+ partner companies, across 25+ industries.

Who is Capital Placement?

We are an award-winning, sustainability-focused, global internship program provider providing programs since 2012. 

What does Capital Placement do?

We help students and recent graduates move abroad for internships in the most cost-efficient and sustainable way.

How do we do it?

We have a global network of over 1500 employers who we partner with.  Once we match you with one of our employers we will take care of all the logistics of moving abroad including visas, insurance, 24/7 support and much more.

Who are we for?

We are for ambitious students and graduates who want to start their international career.

Top Internship Abroad Providers: Growth

For most interns, the whole point of an internship abroad is growth: academic, professional, and/or personal development that can only be gained through real, international work experience. Go Overseas asked every intern alumni to rate the growth they experienced over the course of their internship abroad. Capital Placement is a top provider in the Growth category.

More about us

Here at Capital Placement, we have hand-picked some of the most vibrant economic hubs in the world in order to ensure that our candidates are inspired, excited, and gain the maximum amount of experience possible. By doing so, we find that our students are in the right environment to flourish.

Since 2012, Capital Placement has worked hard to place students in programmes across our many locations and have watched them thrive both during their programs and long after, putting to good use the experience they gain. We have also partnered with a number of Universities for providing international placements over the years.

Why are we different?

We offer the most inclusive internship program in the industry and our prices are 10 -20% cheaper than any other providers, ensuring our customers get all the support they need moving abroad, whilst ensuring they get the best value for money.

Created by interns for other interns

Capital Placement has the unique experience of handling thousands of unique, motivated individuals and placing them in hundreds of companies across 6 destinations.

For us, the experience is all about ensuring the perfect match. Not everyone wants to work for a multinational company and we seek to ensure that the skills each candidate develops in a workplace meet those they would need to do whatever aligns best with their particular career goals. With that in mind, we maintain and continue to cultivate a range of smaller companies to larger companies with diverse missions, so that Capital Placement can find the ideal match. 

Apart from work experience, we want our candidates to have the experience of working and living in a new city, which includes understanding the culture, travelling, and building other skills. Our staff on the ground work hard to ensure you not only have a great time working but also enjoy everything else that the destination has to offer!