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Build a career that suits your lifestyle, in a company where your voice matters.

Big enough to make a real impact, small enough to move fast.

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We are a tight-knit remote team passionate about creating the best career opportunities for students and graduates around the world. At CP, we believe there is always room for self-improvement and we strive to be the best versions of ourselves every day.
We choose a flat organisational structure for our work environment, wherein everyone is treated equally and all voices are heard. Diversity, inclusion, and an ever-increasing social awareness are at the forefront of our team culture. We believe this, together with our commitment to continuous learning and an appreciation for the fun side of life, is what drives our success.
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We care

We have the utmost faith in our team members and the programs that we build. By investing in our team’s happiness, we are investing in the success of our company as a whole.

We fail forward

Experimentation is encouraged at CP, and we do it a lot. Sometimes we don’t get things right, and that’s okay too. To achieve our highest potential, we must learn how to fail forward.

We prioritise

We work in small, multidisciplinary teams that are focused on prioritising our customers by developing the best programs possible.

We learn

We are dedicated to providing everyone at CP the opportunity to learn new skills. We back this up with a personal learning budget every year.

We play

Between our side-splitting team socials, Aadhil’s never-ending list of dad jokes, and our overly competitive ping pong leaderboard, there really is never a dull moment amongst us.

We kick butt

We’ve bagged a great deal of awards over the span of a decade, but we’re not stopping there. We’re growing as a team, we’re expanding to new cities, we’re speaking to new companies every day, and we’re taking it all in our stride. Normally we don’t brag, but this is the only page on our website where we’ll do so unashamedly. We also have a Business Development Baby (enquire for more), a couple adorable team pups and a kitten. Beat that.

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What We Offer

We share a deep passion for the work that we do, and we love being able to do it together. For us, it’s people over process, quality over quantity. Personal growth has been woven into the fabric of our culture since the inception of our company and will continue to be a driving force behind the success of our team and our company.
Creating friendships and building trust is just as important in the workplace as it is outside, and we take pride in the safe and friendly environment that is our workspace. With just the right amount of autonomy, trust and support, we believe everyone has the ability to be the best they can be.

More than just a 9-to-5

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More than just a 9-to-5

Multiple bubbles with terms of benefits offered by Capital Placement

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We are always open to meeting candidates who are passionate about what we do and want to be part of us!

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