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Transform how you identify and recruit global talent

Move beyond vague CVs, recruitment fees or hidden costs. Tackle greater challenges to find the perfect talent you’re looking for. Join Capital Placement and access an extensive network of great interns from across the world.
We’ll pave the way for greater, faster hiring.

Capital Placement simplifies international internships for students and matches them with the best employers. We’re the highest-rated international internship provider, conquering the biggest internship program ever. Hire a pre-vetted global intern with zero recruitment fees or other hidden fees with Capital Placement today.

We’ll do the heavy lifting

Accelerate towards effective recruitment pinpointing the right candidate for you as we close all remaining gaps, including visa, paperwork, and more. Our partnership doesn’t end with the internship, as we extend our unwavering support to offer you a long-term solution to your hiring needs.

Zero Recruitment Fee

We don’t bite, neither do we do funny business. As we said, hiring an intern through us is completely free. In fact, feel free to hire your intern permanently post-internship if you wish, with no other hidden costs. All you owe us is solid gratitude.

All you have to pay is the stipend for the interns:

– Remote – Stipend starting from £500/month

– In-person – Stipend linked to national minimum wage

Pre-vetted Candidates

We pre-vet each candidate, conduct reference checks, and interview them for the right industry knowledge before onboarding them. After that, we introduce them to relevant companies looking for fresh talent in various fields. As easy as pie!

Access To Global Talent

Choose candidates from all over the world who meet your talent requirements, and make your team strikingly diverse and impactful.

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Unmatched Placement Assistance

You’ll have a dedicated Global Partnerships Associate to tackle everything from setting interviews, matching good talent, and all paperwork and possible visa compliance throughout your placement journey. Whether you’re with us to hire one candidate or an army of them, we’re here to help!

“Working with Capital Placement was fantastic, their process was professional and seamless. They provided us with access to a large variety of high-calibre candidates, arranged all the interviews and assisted us in signing on 5 interns to work with our company.”

– Fiona Quinn, President of BPG Clockworks (UAE)

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Yash. Throughout our collaboration, he consistently demonstrated exceptional professionalism and responsiveness. He was friendly and positive, and his dedication to both his work and the candidates was evident from the outset. He was also highly reliable in sending out the tasks on time and setting up the interviews. I would be very happy to collaborate with him in the future.”

– Dora Lakatos, HR Associate at Hyphen (UAE)

“Yes to Yash! He has been instrumental in guiding me to the right interns. I have been busy and he was supportive in this pursuit, making the process enjoyable too.”

– Eugene Ling, Founder of Sunny Side Up (Singapore)

Effortlessly forward to your goals

One of the greatest challenges in hiring is the headache of going through countless applications to get one hire done right. Capital Placement understands the hustle and actively seeks to declutter hiring for employers. With us, you will have a dedicated Global Partnerships Associate who handpicks the best global talent based on your organisational preferences, skill gaps, and goals. All this, at no recruitment fees or charges for our services.

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We’ll help you identify your hiring needs

Not quite sure what you are looking for?

Our placement team is qualified and equipped to give you detailed recruitment consultation, from underlining your hiring needs to filtering the best talent who can fit your purpose. Our team can also help you in creating a highly driven onboarding plan for your interns, to influence high-value learning and get maximum dedication out of your interns.

Trusted by the best

Our Screening Process

Every candidate you see is the result of extensive filtration, to ensure that the right candidates proceed to the right organisation. Firstly, each candidate enters the screening process by making an online application and sharing their CV. Once we approve it, we invite them to an inaugural Zoom interview, reviewing their profile, industry preferences, and career goals. Our interview selection criteria include:

Skill-based assessment

Communication proficiency & personality

Commercial awareness & problem solving

How to get on board

Initial Call

We have a conversation. To put forward the right candidates, we need to understand your organisation’s goals, challenges, and expectations from an intern. If you’re unsure what to expect, we can help (after all, we’ve been interns, and now we help them – we know the drill).

Matching Talent

Based on our understanding of your needs, we’ll share the profiles of select candidates who we believe best meet your objectives. If you think there’s potential, we’ll go ahead and arrange an interview.


The interview is an opportunity for both the employer and the candidate to set expectations, express objectives, and (ideally) identify a mutually beneficial opportunity.


If you’re happy to go ahead and hire, all we need is the candidate’s job description. As for the rest, we’ll take care of everything needed to get an intern from their home to your office.

Visa Compliance

For in-person internships, the final hurdle before the intern is ready to start interning with your company would be clearing all visa requirements and landing at the destination. Our standby compliance team manages all visa prerequisites to clear visa compliance and provides support to the intern to reach safely to their internship destination.