Let us transform the way you recruit interns

Hire the exact talent you need. We have a vetted pool of great interns from across the world for you to choose from. No more vague CVs, recruiter fees or hidden costs.
We make hiring interns easy.

No recruitment fees
Pre-vetted candidates
Access to global talent
Hire talent faster
Interns available from £500/pm
Interns available for 1 to 24 months

We’ll do the heavy lifting

Whether you want to hire remotely or in-office, we take away all the barriers between the best talent and the employer, including visa, travel, and so much more.

Why us, you ask?

Anyone with experience in hiring knows it can be arduous (to say the least). With Capital Placement, companies can skip the headache of sifting through hundreds, if not thousands of applications and compliance issues. You will have a dedicated Account Executive handpick the best talent based on the organisation’s challenges, goals, and skills gaps. What’s more, there are no recruitment fees or any costs for our services.

So, what is the catch?

We have experience hiring candidates for small, medium and large companies across the globe in almost every sector. From start to finish we’ll take care of it all: identifying your needs, pre-vetting candidates, introducing the right talent, and taking care of all the admin in between.
Sourcing talent
We pre-vet each candidate, conduct reference checks, and interview them for the right industry knowledge before onboarding them. After that, we introduce them to relevant companies looking for fresh talent in various fields. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!
Supporting employers
Whether you’re looking to hire 1 candidate, 100 candidates, or don’t quite know what you’re looking for just yet – have a chat with us, we can help. First time hiring? Don’t worry, been there, done that. Need insight on what candidates expect?
Zero Recruitment Fees
Like we said, we’re just the middleman. It’s completely free to hire an intern through us. You can even hire post-internship on a permanent basis, there are still no catches. We don’t do funny business.

Our screening process

Every year, we receive just over 8000 applications from candidates around the world who are looking for internships. Prior to onboarding them, candidates go through a rigorous screening process with our recruitment team. The first stage of the screening process involves candidates making an online application and providing their CVs for us to review. If successful, we invite candidates to a 45-minute, industry specific Zoom interview. Our Zoom selection criteria include:

Motivation & skill-based assessment

Language, personality & communication

Commercial awareness & problem solving

Employer obligations

As a dual-sided marketplace, we want to make sure that both the employer and candidate are equally satisfied and fulfilled from start to finish. As an employer, here is what to expect when hiring interns through us.

The process

Initial call

We have a conversation. In order for us to put forward the right candidates, we need to understand your organisation’s goals, your challenges, and your expectations from an intern. If you’re unsure what to expect, we can help (after all, we’ve been interns, and now we help them - we know the drill).

Introducing candidates

Based on our understanding of your needs, we’ll share the profiles of select candidates who we believe best meet your objectives. If you think there’s potential, we’ll go ahead and arrange an interview.


The interview is an opportunity for both the employer and the candidate to set expectations, express objectives, and (ideally) identify a mutually beneficial opportunity.


If you’re happy to go ahead and hire, all we need is the candidate’s job description. As for the rest, we’ll take care of everything needed to get an intern from their home to your office.