Enabling Educators to Transform University Placements

Capital Placement is where great potential meets limitless opportunities. We have curated programs in London, New York, Singapore, and Remote to unlock global opportunities for university students and graduates.

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Top Internship Provider for Growth

Voted as the top provider by internship alumni from Go Overseas in terms of growth, displaying outstanding growth opportunities and pathways for further professional development.

What We Do Best

For over a decade, we’ve been committed to bridging the gap between university education and career progression by offering university students and graduates global internship programs, both in-person and remote. With over 1500 partner companies across 25 sectors, Capital Placement guarantees a life-changing career experience by handpicking a program that matches the needs of every student fresh into the job world.

Bringing Your Vision Closer

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Customisable Programs

We can curate a program to your requirements to ensure your students’ educational and professional goals are being met and they’re motivated for success

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25+ sectors

We are trusted by 1500+ global companies among multinational organisations and thriving start-ups alike, across 25 industries ensuring the best fit for your students

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Unmatched Program Assistance

From internship requirements and placements to visa applications, we take care of it all, making the process as simple for you and your students as possible

Values Based on Experience


What sets us apart is the absolute quality we bring to each program. We start by spending time to learn your student’s career goals and ambitions and tailor their requirements through one of our global programs


We bring employability closer and more achievable for students through highly immersive programs set by our partnered employers. The goal is to not just provide students with real-life work experiences, but also equip them with the practical resources to succeed in tomorrow’s job market


We ensure that students are an active part of the company’s operations and get treated with the same level of professionalism. This helps them gain deeper insight into their chosen career industry and grow professionally

Expansive Network, Impressive Opportunities

Capital Placement hosts an expansive network of employers, including big-name companies and high-potential start-ups. We handpick the best selection of companies where it inspires students and graduates to get educated and empowered by perspective-changing work experiences. Our placement guarantee is based on our absolute trust in our employer network to find exactly what students are looking for to kickstart their careers with a global edge.

Career Development

To ensure our internships are providing valuable career experiences, we provide one-on-one coaching and evaluations to help students with their professional development and career growth.

Health & Safety

We understand interning in another country can be a wonderful and exciting life experience, however, it can also be tremendously stressful for students. At Capital Placement, we provide insurance with CareMed, a provider that brings international standards to iterate medical coverage when it comes to travelling abroad. Every program intern will be covered for:

  • Emergency Medical Visits
  • Urgent Dental Care
  • Paramedical Care
  • Medicine Support
  • Psychotherapy Support
  • Legal Disputes Over Health-Related Matters

In the event of an emergency, or should you need our help, our team is available 24/7 for such emergency support.

How Our Partnership Works


To get a better understanding of how we can help you, we will discuss your needs and the type of internship experience you are looking for your students.


We will work with you to design your program, ensuring all academic and other requirements are met and students can get their desired internship experience.

Student Engagement

We will work closely with you to create marketing tools as well as initiate career fairs and outreach presentations to raise awareness of your Internship program.

Student Application

Capital Placement will work with the University to select students for your program. Once a student is accepted, we will work with them to determine their desired internship role aligned with their career goals.

Finalising Internship Details

We will help students prepare for their interviews with their desired companies. Once they receive an internship offer we will proceed with visa application and outline a training plan.

Internship Support

Our support extends to every stage of the program. We have representatives in all program locations to ensure 24/7 support, as well as prepare mid-internship and final evaluations to contribute to the career development of interns.


We regularly host a post-internship workshop to help students showcase their new experiences on their CVs as well as provide valuable resources to help them with their next career step.

The intern has been an asset for Syft and I’m very glad we had them, especially we have a small team. The interns helped me to complete a lot of valuable analysis on our marketing metrics and conduct researches that will help us to shape our marketing strategy.

– Angela Tang, CMO at Syft

Worked with Niran and his team, absolutely awesome experience. They basically help run part of our internship programme and it has been really smooth with some amazing international candidates delivering some great projects and work for us.

– Johann, CEO of Medics Academy

Capital Placements have been a delight to work with over the past few years! It’s brilliant to see such great internships and support being provided to their students, and I’m pleased to continue working with the great team, big thank you to Niran and Vinay especially!

– Kate Howe, Manager at BUNAC

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