Customised internship programs designed just for you.

We create global internship programs uniquely designed with the students needs in mind. From sorting out accommodation, visa paperwork, to arranging internships, we take care of it all to ensure our ability to deliver an excellent student experience. 

Customised internship programs designed just for you.

We create global internship programs uniquely designed with the students needs in mind. From sorting out accommodation, visa paperwork, to arranging internships, we take care of it all to ensure our ability to deliver an excellent student experience. 

Who We Are

Since 2012, we have been offering global internship programs to some of the best and brightest students and recent graduates from all across the world. With over 1500 + partner companies across 25 sectors, Capital Placement guarantees life-changing experiences by creating internships designed entirely for the needs of the student.


Customised Programs

We don’t believe in “one size fits all” for internship program. An internship program should be as unique as your students are.

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Since 2012, Capital Placement has worked tirelessly to ensure a unique international programme for both students and universities. Whether it’s creating a new international programme entirely designed with your university’s needs in mind or finding the right internship for your students, we do it all. We are here for you.


24/7 In-Country Support

We are here for your students when they need it, whenever they need it.
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Support is important to us. We are here for you and your interns whenever they need it. Whether it’s medical or not, we are here to support you and them through every step of their time here.

Global Locations

With over seven global locations, we offer variety and opportunity from all across the world.

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The more the merry! We have hand-picked some of the most vibrant economic hubs in the world in order to ensure that our candidates are inspired, excited, and gain the maximum amount of experience possible!

Customised Social Events

Get customised social events for your internship program that matches your objectives and aims.

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From social events designed around arts for Arts Interns to music events for those interning in the music industry, we guarantee a customised social event itinerary unlike any other!

We handle all the hard stuff

We take care of all the hard stuff for your program to ensure a wonderfully customised  program designed just for your university.

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We can create a programme just for your university to fit any academic credits required as well any other mandatory requires set by your University. Additionally, we can arrange for program site visits for your staff to check out student accommodations and meet with the companies they’ll be interning with.

We will also take care of all the following:

  • Securing fully furnished accommodation with a kitchen and bedding packages
  • Securing internships for your students
  • Visa Process
  • Pre-departure orientation and package
  • Airport Pickup
  • Airport Dropoff
  • Social Events
  • Oyster Card
  • Sim card
  • Internship Training Packages


500 + Partner Companies

From big-name companies to start-ups, we will find the perfect company for your students to intern with.

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We have a wide range of companies happily willing to give your students the best internship experience. From big companies like Warner Bros to some of the hottest new start-ups, we guarantee to find the perfect company for your students to flourish in.

25 + Sectors

We have over 25 different sectors from accounting to to zoology and anything in between!

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With over 25 different sectors, we are guaranteed to have a several options for the programme your students wish to be a part of. If we don’t have it then we’ll find an internship in it anyway. It’s that simple.

Dedicated Account Manager

Speak to your dedicated account manager who will help your organisation and your students before, during or even after the program to ensure all your needs are met. 

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At Capital Placement, we believe in the power of one-on-one meetings. Not only does it allow for our undivided attention to your needs and concerns, but it also allows you to talk to us without having to wait or push buttons through an automated system. Throughout the entirety of your program, you’ll have the same loyal account manager to help you every step of the way.

The CP Scholarship Fund

Here at Capital Placement, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to intern abroad. That’s why we’ve created the Capital Placement Scholarship Fund exclusively available for the universities in which we share a partnership with.  Take a look at our scholarship page to find out how your university can get scholarship funds exclusively for your students!

Health and Safety

The healthy and safety of our interns are paramount to us. At Capital Placement, we provide insurance with award winning, Global, to cover any emergency medical visits, urgent dental care, paramedical care and medicines during their time on any of our programs. Global insurance will also cover any legal disputes if any should arise.

Furthermore,  we understand interning in another country can be a wonderful and exciting life experience, however, it can also be tremendously stressful for students. We work with keep.meSAFE Student Support program, a program available for international students whenever they are facing any challenges while interning abroad. We work to ensure that the student is protected and supported physically, legally, and mentally.

In addition, Capital Placement provides 24/7 emergency support to all our interns, should they need our help.  

How Our Partnership Will Work


To get a better understanding of what we may offer you, our first step is to have a consultation. During this, we will discuss what your university is looking to create for your students.


From our first chat, we will arrange several calls and meetings to design and formalise the creation of your program to your liking. Here we will cover all academic and other requirements necessary to ensure a successful student internship experience.

Student Recruitment

We will work together to make sure all marketing posts have been designed , posted on various platforms, and around campus to raise awareness about the Internship program.

Student Application

Internship programs at Capital Placement are highly competitive. Therefore, Capital Placement will work with the university to recruit and select the best possible candidates for the program. Finalising with the initial number of participants agreed upon by both parties.


Intern Screening and Interviewing

We will work with the intern to learn more about what they wish for in an internship. From here, we will find employers for all participants that meets their and your requirements. Once firms have been shortlisted and the intern is provisionally happy, we will schedule interviews between the intern and the employers. We will of course help the intern prepare for the interviews as well! 


Final Internship steps

Once an offer has been made to the intern by the employer, and the intern accepts the offer, we will work on obtaining their visa sponsorship. With the visa sponsorship in hand, we will help the intern apply for their visa applications. Here, we will begin sorting accommodations for all the interns.

Pre-departure Orientation

We can arrange for onsite pre-departure support and advice, orientation and personalised pre-departure packets with all necessary information to ensure all the interns coming on our program are prepared and have everything they need for a successful internship abroad!


We will arrange for airport pickup to take the interns to their accommodation. We will also pass out unlimited public transport card and sim cards to the interns to ensure they are ready to go. We will have pre-determined social events throughout the program and weekly check-in with students. We offer 24/7 support and an open office for students to pop by for a chat at any time over the course of their time in the city.

Success Stories from our Companies

The Capital Placement team are excellent in terms of placing a capable and enthusiastic intern with us. Not only we can be specific on the type of candidate we are looking for, but also able to arrange a quick chat with the candidate if needed. There’s also minimum admin work to do so a very smooth and simple process.

Doris (the intern) has been an asset for Syft and I’m very glad we have her, especially we have a small team. She helped me to complete a lot of valuable analysis on our marketing metrics and conduct researches that will help us to shape our marketing strategy.


Head of Marketing, Syft

Worked with the Capital Placement team and had an absolutely awesome experience. They basically help run part of our internship programme (at Medics Academy) and it has been really smoothe with some amazing international candidates delivering some great projects and work for us.



CEO, Medics Academy

The Capital Placement group are a wonderfully competent team, and they support the entire process from end to end.

We’ve (at Humbleworks) used their services for a number of years and I will continue to do so in the years ahead.

I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone considering sourcing interns as their strict curation process ensures you get high-quality candidates.


CEO, Humbleworks

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