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International Business Internships

Kickstart your career with our award-winning paid international Business internships abroad!

What are the Opportunities for Paid Business Internships Abroad?

The world of business is fast-moving, rapidly updated, and increasingly challenging. Navigate a clear pathway into international business internships abroad to get hands-on experience in business operations, strategies and communications. Capital Placement partners with globally leading and high-potential companies across the world to deliver exemplary quality with internships and guarantee prolonged value to your practical learning.

Benefits of International Business Internships for Students

Our global business internships in 2024 will help accelerate your career by immersing you in an exciting and challenging internship from 6 weeks up to 6 months long.

Unlock your potential and develop a career in business and learn how to analyze competitive market strategies, conduct market research and assist in partnership development, only with an international business internship program!

Our International Business Internship Programs

Intern in London during summer on a cohort

6-12 weeks

Unpaid Opportunities

Business Summer Internships in London

Gain a competitive edge, travel the world and build your business career with the most inclusive summer program.

Melting pot of Asian culture and economy

3-6 months

Paid Opportunities Available

Business Internships in Singapore

Build a global career and experience enriching asian culture with paid business internships in Singapore.

Work from anywhere with great felxibility

2 - 12 months

Paid Opportunities Available

Remote Business Internships

Kickstart online business internships with a paid remote internship that allows you to intern with global companies from the comfort of your own home.

Key Skills For Business Industry

  • Analytical skills
  • Goal-driven
  • Spreadsheet proficiency
  • Critical thinking
  • Organization
  • Oral and written communication skills
  • Knowledge of business structure
  • Negotiation skills
  • Attention to detail

Types of Business Internships

  • Business Analyst
  • Business Development Associate
  • Business Management Consultant
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business adviser
  • Management Consultant
  • Project Manager
  • Stockbroker
  • Marketing Executive
  • Corporate Law

Why Choose Us?

Candidates Placed

Employer Partners


were offered full-time roles within 6 months of completing their internships


of interns at university were offered a 2nd summer internship for 2021.

Internship Responsibilities

  • Build Client Relations
  • Develop Strategies
  • Identify business opportunities
  • Conduct Market Research
  • Assist with drafting business plans & pitches

Resources To Help You Get Started


  • "Business Adventures" by John Brooks
  • "The Innovator's Dilemma: The Revolutionary Book That Will Change the Way You Do Business" by Clayton M. Christensen
  • "Factfulness: Ten Reasons We're Wrong About the World — and Why Things Are Better Than You Think" by Hans Rosling, Anna Rosling Rönnlund, and Ola Rosling
  • “Good to Great” by Jim Collins

Application Process

  • Application & Interview: A £50 application fee will redirect you to an interview with our recruitment team. We will return the application fee in full if you are unsuccessful at this interview.
  • Secure your spot: Once your interview is successful, you will receive an offer from us and must pay your first half of the program deposit fee to secure your spot.
  • Placement Matching: A Placement Manager will connect you with the best job opportunities, while our certified career coach helps you refine your CV and prepares you for interviews.
  • Get ready to explore: After you accept your internship offer and pay the remaining program fees, our team will guide you through securing a visa (if required) so that you will be ready for your international business internship program!

Apply for an International Business Internship Abroad from Capital Placement

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International Business Internship FAQs

Are international business internships paid?

In general, you will find a mixed bag of paid international business internships and unpaid roles as well.

While our programs generally do not guarantee these paid business internships abroad, we offer a lot of paid opportunities across all industries, including international business internships abroad. Check with our recruitment team to find out how you can maximise your chances of getting a paid internship role.

What Are Good International Business Internships for College Students?

Be it remote business internships or in-person ones, there are a plethora of enriching and highly engaging international business internships for college students.

As a college student or a recent graduate, getting real-life practical knowledge and work experience is crucial for professional and career development.

We offer industry-leading global internships in London, New York and Singapore, and also remote business internships to cater precisely this need and fulfil a holistic experience for college students.

Where can I find a business internship abroad?

Finding paid business internships abroad on your own can be quite challenging.

What Capital Placement excels in doing is finding a perfect match for a global internship for you in the location of your choice, by evaluating your profile, upskilling your CV and interview skills, and placing you with one of our reputable partner employers.

How can students benefit from remote business internships?

Remote business internships offer the unique opportunity to cultivate essential work experience while being in the comfort of your home, or working from anywhere you like.

Business virtual internships are ideal for business graduates who want more flexibility while on an international internship. These business virtual internships enable you to continue your studies in the background or focus on another passion outside of your career trajectory.