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Finance Internships

Accelerate your career with our award-winning paid finance and accounting internships

Build Your Finance Career

The Finance industry is one of the most exciting, challenging, and competitive areas. Our finance internships will help you stand out from your peers and increase your employability by gaining relevant experience.

Learn how to conduct financial analysis, forecasting and modeling and more while developing the key skills you need to build a successful career whilst working with global companies. Find out more.

Types Of Programs Available For Finance Industry

Intern in London during the summer on a cohort

6-12 weeks

Unpaid Opportunities

Finance Summer Internships in London

Gain a competitive edge, travel the world and build your finance career with the most inclusive summer internship.

Melting pot of Asian culture and economy

3-6 months

Paid Opportunities Available

Finance Internships in Singapore

Build a global career and experience Asian culture with paid finance internships in Singapore.

Work from anywhere with great flexibility

2-12 months

Paid Opportunities Available

Remote Finance Internships

Kick-start your Finance & accounting internship with a paid remote internship that allows you to intern with global companies from the comfort of your own home.

Key Skills For Finance Industry

  • Communication
  • Analytical skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Quantitative analysis
  • High level of proficiency in Microsoft Excel
  • Project Management

Career Paths You Can Take In Finance

  • Financial advisor
  • Financial manager
  • Financial risk analyst
  • Financial trader
  • Investment analyst
  • Chartered accountant
  • Financial adviser
  • Actuary
  • Stockbroker
  • Commercial Banking
  • Hedge Fund Manager
  • Venture Capitalist

At The Glance

Candidates Placed

Employer Partners


were offered full-time roles within 6 months of completing their internships


of interns at university were offered a 2nd summer internship for 2021.

Internship Responsibilities

  • Financial Research and Analysis

    Research, analysis and interpret financial data and markets to help companies make informed business decisions. You will assist in identifying patterns and trends to help determine the value and or investment opportunity. This process may include analyzing a company's strengths and weaknesses, profitability, earnings and position within the industry.

  • Management Accounting

    Identify, analyse, and interpret and communicate financial information to internal stakeholders. You may be asked to prepare, examine and analyze cost and sales revenue, product costing, budgeting, forecasting to help make informed key business decisions.

  • Financial Forecasting and Modeling

    Research, analyse and present on future results such as sales revenue by building a predictive model. You may be asked to build a financial model which may include creating a summary of a company’s financial performance and allow the company to modify variables to see how the changes would affect the business.

  • Project Management

    Learn to manage and oversee various projects such as risk analysis, investment opportunities or annual statements. You will develop leadership, organizational, coordination and communication skills.

  • Assist with risk analysis
  • Cash flow management and planning
  • Building weekly and monthly standardized reports templates
  • Assist in financial modelling

Resources To Help You Get Started


  • The Intelligent Investor By Benjamin Graham
  • Common Sense on Mutual Funds By John C. Bogle
  • Market Wizards By Jack D. Schwager
  • Beating the Street and Learn to Earn By Peter Lynch and John Rothchild

Marketing Internships FAQ

What do you do as a marketing intern?

As a marketing intern, you may be asked to assist with social media creation, campaign management, content creation, researching latest marketing trends, marketing strategy, competitors research, and finally, researching how the company can optimise their current marketing efforts.

Do marketing interns get paid?

Yes, marketing internships are paid internships. It will also depend on the length, location and industry of your employer. NGOs and small businesses with minimal budgets may only offer unpaid internships. For paid marketing internships, check out our online internships.

Is digital marketing a good career in 2021?

Digital marketing is one of the biggest and most-sought after industries in 2021. Marketing is a key component of any business thus the need for digital marketers has increased significantly. Digital marketing includes many different avenues such as SEO, content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, brand management, advertising, etc.

Where can I find a marketing internship abroad?

The best place to start is with your university advisors as they may offer international internships opportunities in digital marketing of their own or with international internship providers like ourselves. You can also research international internships providers on google, Goabroad, Gooverseas or Recruitable. Learn more about our international internships here.

What is the stipend of a marketing intern?

Marketing internships are paid internships. It will depend on the length, location and industry of your employer. A paid remote internship typically starts from £100 GBP to £650 GBP a month.

Finance Internships FAQ

What do finance interns do?

Interns in finance receive practical experience in the ever-expanding industry of finance. Generating and evaluating reports, taking notes during meetings, producing statements, entering data, and aiding with audits are all everyday activities and responsibilities for finance interns.

Types of finance internships are in the market?

Finance & Business Development, Accounting, Actuarial & insurance are some of the most common finance internships.

What are the benefits of a finance internship?

An internship in finance can help you gain practical work experience that will make you more competitive when securing a role later down the line. In addition, you will benefit from learning from seasoned professionals, building your network and building upon your academic knowledge.