Consistently ranked as the ‘Best City in the World’, London is a vibrant city filled with dozens of Fortune 500 companies and exciting new start-ups. Alongside its buzzing business hubs, London offers endless entertainment, green space, and easy access to mainland Europe – making it one of the best places to do an international internship, meet new people and travel the world .

Explore in London

Tower of London

National Gallery

The British Museum

St. Paul's Cathedral

Natural History Museum

Hyde Park

London Eye

Tower Bridge

Summer Internships in London

3-12 month Internships in London

Remote/Virtual Internships

London Internship Programs 2023

Our summer internship program offers direct global career experience, easy access to Europe and the opportunity of a lifetime.
You’ll meet other interns, build a global network and have almost everything you need to intern abroad.

Program Inclusions

6-12 weeks
Broad range of Internship opportunities
All our internship programs come with our guarantee
Visa sponsorship fees and emigration support
En-suite accommodation
London Travel card- giving you unlimited travel within central London
Airport pick-up
Networking Events
24/7 emergency support
Comprehensive travel and medical Insurance
Dedicated Internship Success Manager to help you throughout your time on the program
UK Sim card with minutes and data


Visa Application fee
Flight ticket
Personal expenses
Accomodation break area
student accommodation kitchen
Accomodation bedroom
student accommodation social space

Summer Internships

3-12 month Internships

Own bathroom

24/7 onsite security team

Super-fast WiFi

Community rooms

Game rooms


Program Fees and Duration

6 weeks

8 weeks

3 months

6 months

12 months

Remote/Virtual Internship

/ 6 months
  • 12 week remote internship may be extended if agreed with the employer for no extra fee

Internship without accommodation

/ 6 months
  • 6-12 months
  • Paid opportunities
  • Visa assistance + sponsorship
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Accommodation assistance
  • Social & networking events

Internship with accommodation

/ 6 months
  • 6-12 weeks
  • Paid opportunities
  • Visa assistance + sponsorship
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Social & networking events

Program Eligibility

To be eligible for our London in-person internship program, you need to make an application and pass our interview. Note that changing visas within the UK is not permitted; you must apply for Tier 5 at your home country's UK embassy
If you are not a national of or, have completed your higher education, in one of the exempted countries, you will need to prove your English language proficiency by passing the iTEP Internship test at B2 level or above.
Be a current university student, recent graduate or postgraduate, who has graduated within 36 months of your intended internship start date.
Be at least 19 years old or older and should not be a UK or Northern Ireland passport holder.

98% Recommended

Visa Process for London Internships


Receive Your COS

Once you’ve accepted an internship offer, we will begin working on your visa application. The first step is to secure a Certificate of Sponsorship (COS), this is a document you will need to apply for an internship visa in the United Kingdom.

two colleagues discussing happily

Got a question?

What kind of company will I be interning with?
There is no single answer that can be given to that question. It depends entirely on your internship preferences, your performance during the interview, and the duration you have applied for. The companies we work with range from start-ups to large multinationals. The one thing that they all have in common is that your internship with them will be both challenging and rewarding.

With all of Capital Placement’s programs, you are in complete control. If you successfully pass our Zoom interview, your CV will be presented to our partner firms that meet your career aspirations and you will have the opportunity to speak with your future Supervisor and employer. If you are not satisfied with the company you have been provided with, we can provide you with additional company options for you to choose from.

What do you mean by a guaranteed internship?
At Capital Placement, we take great pride in the fact that we guarantee an internship that is right for you. Specifically, once you have been accepted to one of our programs, we guarantee that you will be placed in an internship in the city, the industry and the type of firm you have requested within 8 weeks of the deposit being paid.

In the unlikely event, we are unable to find you a company that matches your preferences within the 8 week period, a full refund will be provided to you- no questions asked.

Can I change the company once I start my internship?
Once you have started your internship in London, it is not possible to change the company you are working for as your visa is tied to the company you are interning with.
I’m a UK resident; why am I not eligible for the London Internship Program?
Capital Placement’s programs are all about experiencing the rewards, excitement, and challenges of working in a foreign country. Most of us here have experienced it ourselves and are very passionate about having others benefit from it. Interning abroad is more than just about the internship, and this broad experience is something we are incredibly passionate about. For this reason, we will not accept applications for programs in a country from residents of the same country- you are far better off without our help for this. We would like you to build not only professional experience but also a global experience that builds your international skill set as a global citizen.

If you are from the UK, why not intern in New York or Singapore and challenge yourself?

Will I be paid during the internship in London?
Due to UK visa regulations, summer internships in London are unpaid. However, for internships over 3 months, we have numerous paid internships opportunities.
What is the difference between the Certificate of Sponsorship fee and the Visa Application fee?
Applicants who do not hold a valid passport from the UK or Ireland must have a Certificate of Sponsorship to apply for a visa to do an internship in the United Kingdom. At Capital Placement, the cost of the Certificate of Sponsorship is included in your program fee.

The Visa Application fee is something you pay directly to the British Embassy in your home country when you submit your passport and application for the visa to be stamped. This fee is not included in your program fee.

How long does the process take to find an internship after graduation?
Our usual process will take 3 – 4 months from placing the deposit to arriving in London to start your internship.
How do the payments work?

If you have successfully passed our interview and have received an offer to join, you will need to pay a deposit of £600 to secure your place on the program. The deposit will be deducted from the total program fee. The remaining amount will be split into two equal payments. The first payment is due once you have accepted an internship offer from the employer you wish to work for. The final amount is due once you have received your Tier 5 visa sponsorship.

Do you offer any financial assistance or scholarship?
For any internship program over 13 weeks, we have a scholarship. You can find out more information about the scholarship on our scholarship page.
What is the refund policy?

If Capital Placement fails to find you an internship that you are happy with, we will refund all your money in full. You can read more about the refund policy on our guarantees page.