Apply for accounting internships abroad. Grow your communication, analytical, auditing, financial analysis and banking procedures as an accounting intern.

Our Audit and Accounting internships involve a systematic way of recording, presenting and reviewing financial data and account records. An internship in this field is often immersed in computing, classifying and recording numerical data to keep an accurate and complete record of business finances and transactions. Interns may be provided with an opportunity to contribute to the analysis of business operations and trends, expenses, revenues and other financial reports. Mathematical, statistical and financial models may be demonstrated to prepare and analyse reports and financial statements.

The role requires knowledge of principles of accounting, auditing, financial analysis and banking procedures. Accounting and audit internships entail attention to detail in completing work tasks, and appreciation of the value of compliance to policies and confidentiality. Experience gained through the internship may improve skills in data analysis, monitoring, complex problem-solving and critical thinking.