Our Supply chain internships to develop further hands-on experience in warehousing and storage management, distribution and inventory management, transportation logistics and procurement.

Our Logistics and Supply Chain internships offer experience in coordinating plans and actions to deliver a product to market. Supply chain internships provides an opportunity to strategically plan and manage logistics, warehouse, transportation and customer services. It may involve maintaining metrics and analyse data to assess performance and implement improvements. This internship will allow students to use data from IT systems to evaluate performance and quality, plan improvements, develop business by gaining new contracts, analyse logistical problems and produce innovative solutions.

Supply chain internships requires knowledge in logistics methodology and principles with emphasis on procurement, distribution, maintenance and inventory management. Working in the logistics department involves storage, distribution, warehousing and tracking and delivery of goods (internally or externally). Interns are given the opportunity to learn how to use their analytical, problem-solving and organisational skills to coordinate logistics with vendors, service providers and transport carriers while maintaining compliance with laws, regulations and ISO requirements.