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Best Cities to Start Your Career

Best cities to start your career

There are plenty of cities in the world where you can start a career. If you are wondering where to start looking, we’ve compiled a list of the 11 best cities in the world to start your career and why it’s generally great to work or live there.

London (Population 9.0 million) 

London, England is a leading choice for study and work. While it is known for jobs in finance and insurance, London has a diverse economy with sectors like retail, manufacturing, construction, healthcare, and arts. 

Living in London is expensive, so one option is to move to more affordable parts and commute. Nonetheless, the experience of working or interning in London is a career-defining moment.

San Francisco (Population 870,000+) 

Technology is booming in San Francisco, California, and finding work in Google, YouTube, or other tech companies is possible. Consulting, accounting, and real estate companies are also prospective employers. 

San Francisco is one of the most diverse cities in the U.S. Inclusivity, and opportunity draw people to the city.    

New York (Population 8.8 million) 

The state of New York is the third biggest economy in the U.S. in 2019. At the centre of all this is the global financial hub that is New York City. Financial activities are one of the city’s significant industries due to jobs created and high wages. 

Life in the Big Apple is expectedly fast-paced, with going to its many parks or on road trips in upstate N.Y. as one way to relax. Curious to know what a career is like in New York? Check out our internships in New York here.

Chicago (Population 2.7 million) 

Chicago, Illinois, is economically diverse with technology, transportation, manufacturing, healthcare, among its key industries. According to World Business Chicago, the city is a top choice for corporate relocations and expansions. 

Quality of life is one of Chicago’s winning points. It’s been named Conde Nast Traveler’s best big city in the U.S. 

Singapore (Population 5.45 million) 

City-state Singapore serves as an important financial centre in the Asia-Pacific region. The country’s economic drivers include manufacturing, whose cluster has electronics and precision engineering and professional services like financial services.  

The place can have something for everyone, from job opportunities to internships in Singapore. Modern and multicultural Singapore is a safe, clean, and green city with high standards of living.

Berlin (Population 3.67 million) 

Germany’s capital city has a myriad of industries, including information and communications technology, healthcare, manufacturing, and transport. Berlin’s top 100 employers include Deutsche Post DHL, Siemens, and Daimler.     

While there are English-speaking jobs in Berlin, certain professionals are required to learn German. When you make it to Berlin, you’ll find it culturally rich, innovative, and dynamic.  

Toronto (Population 3.0 million)

Toronto is Canada’s financial centre where the Big Five banks, insurance companies, and pension funds are headquartered. Its other industries include life sciences, technology, and aerospace.

Toronto is one of the world’s safest and best cities in 2021, as noted on the city’s official website. In addition, the city’s diversity and prosperity make it a top destination for professionals.   

Stockholm (Population 975,000+)

Stockholm, Sweden, is known for tech startups and successes. Spotify, Ericsson, and Klarna have headquarters in the city. It’s also worth checking out opportunities in clean technology, retail, and manufacturing companies.  

It may also be in this city where you can find work-life balance. Plenty of parental leaves and flexible work hours aim to make having a career and family possible in Stockholm.   

 Sydney (Population 5.3 million)

If you want to start your career in Australia, consider Sydney. In 2016 the city recorded the most number of people working in the professional, scientific and technical services sector. Visit for opportunities across industries.   

Sydney, like other cities featured here, is a culturally diverse and liveable city. It has a laid-back work culture, too. 

Austin (Population 960,000+)

Tesla has followed other companies that consider Austin, Texas as their headquarters. Established tech companies and startups are shaping the city as a tech hub. Job opportunities may also be had in telecommunications, life sciences, data management, and more.   

Its economic growth and affordable living costs relative to New York position Austin as a great place to work. It’s also been named as one of the best places to live in the U.S.

Hong Kong (Population 7.5 million)

Hong Kong is another centre of banking and business in Asia. The city’s other key industries are tourism, professional services, and trading and logistics. So searching for jobs by companies like HSBC, Apple or Bloomberg, can also work.

Hong Kong is where many cultures and nationalities meet. Housing is expensive, although using public transport and dining in local restaurants may help lower the cost of living.

Final Thoughts

Do your research on the best city to start your career, considering the cost of living, wages, public transportation, job market, and entry-level opportunities. Also, consider how COVID-19 has affected the economy of each city. 

In the meantime, beef up your resume by doing virtual internships here.



Aubrey i​s a writer and a regular contributor. She writes on topics on job searching and career development in hopes to provide better tips on job hunting and career development.

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