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What Should You Post On Linkedin

what to post on linkedin

What Should You Post on LinkedIn? 

LinkedIn can be a valuable networking tool for building your personal brand, but getting started can be incredibly difficult. So to help you get kick-started on LinkedIn, we are providing you with the top topics on what to post, along with best practices, to help you achieve this goal. 

Why Does Posting on LinkedIn Matter? 

But before we get started, let’s talk about why you should be posting on LinkedIn. 

It enhances your online presence. LinkedIn has record levels of engagement and millions of members worldwide. With the right content strategies, you can tap the platform’s reach.

It builds your authority as a leader, entrepreneur, or game-changer in your field. And it is by posting valuable insights and information that you can establish your credibility. 

It builds authenticity. On LinkedIn, you can tell stories that are not exactly about the serious stuff that the platform is known for. This makes you likeable and relatable.

Things to Post on LinkedIn 

What to post on LinkedIn is the first step and often the hardest in content creation. Here are a few topics to help get you started. 

  • A resource you are loving at the moment and why
  • A new project you are working on – this could be a series. People love watching a journey, and this can be an excellent way to build an audience over time. 
  • Things you could have told your younger self 
  • Things you have learned this month 
  • An obstacle you have encountered and are overcoming

Your posts can focus on career, personal development, business, leadership, innovation, technology, productivity, and other topics that you feel confident and passionate about.    

Your fresh perspectives can add value to others who may have ideas they can add to the discussion. This kind of interaction is essential in building a community.

More Things to Post

Given that it’s not easy to come up with unique content, particularly the long-form ones, every time, try these strategies:

  • Share articles posted on your standalone blog on LinkedIn. This would help drive traffic to the blog site. Because users are wary of links, always include a brief explanation, or a sneak peek accompanying any link.
  • Repurpose what you wrote on your blog and post it on LinkedIn. With timely tweaks and updates, your old article could pass as new and retain its relevance. Just keep your audience in mind when making the necessary modifications.
  • Share news or posts written by others. This can be tricky but can still be beneficial for as long as (a) the third-party content is aligned with your brand, (b) your audience finds them valuable, and (c) reshares are not the only kind of content you have.   

Examples of Great LinkedIn Posts 

Check out these posts on LinkedIn that have gone viral or featured a high engagement rate:

  • Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi’s 12-word post about her starting her self-employment journey 
  • Lauren Griffiths’s reason on why she changed her LinkedIn profile pic
  • Arianna Huffington’s virtual-fatigue-is-real article
  • Ryan Lowry’s handwritten employment letter on LinkedIn
  • Jay Harrington’s post on goal setting a la John Grisham 

This article also contains 80+ ideas and examples on what to post on LinkedIn. 

Best Practices for Posting on LinkedIn 

While there’s no exact science behind the virality of a post, there’s work put into building engagement in the networking platform. Here are some of the best strategies when posting or sharing content on LinkedIn: 

  • Determine when to use posts or articles. This guide shows how to create a post or update while this one publishes an article or blog post on LinkedIn. A post can just be all text, short and sweet, while an article can go in-depth and longer. Articles also appear on your profile, while posts show up on feeds.
  • Leverage videos. Videos are an effective medium in conveying a message, especially if you add subtitles and captions for accessibility. They are also visual, which offers a break from text-heavy posts.   
  • Like videos, pictures grab attention. 
  • Promote posts with hashtags. Adding three to five hashtags that are all relevant to your brand or post is recommended.
  • Steer clear of divisive or polarizing topics. Political posts, for example, lead to never-ending debates and attract trolls.
  • Engage. Like or respond to comments. The latter also allows you to provide more context or explanation, and some of these conversations can lead to new business connections. 

Final Thoughts 

What to post on LinkedIn may be less of a concern once you post quality content regularly. But, of course, by then, you would have known what your audience wants to read.  

So, keep at it, and stay true to your brand.

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