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CP Agents & University Network

Welcome to CP, one of the largest, fastest-growing university agent networks in the world and the home for client-focused advisers.

We offer the solution here at CP, we believe that every adviser who joins our network should have the opportunity to build their own business and the freedom, flexibility and support they need to help it grow and thrive. 

Flexibility with freedom

Joining our network gives you the best of both worlds – flexibility with freedom. When you join us as a self-employed adviser, you’ll be part of a growing, exciting, yet stable and secure business.

Access to our diverse range of courses

You’ll have access to our diverse range of degrees, courses and study options, as well as our comprehensive range of universities, which are exclusive to our advisers and their clients.

Access to University Network

Our size and scale mean as an adviser in our network, you can take advantage of our relationships with some of the world’s most respected and successful universities.

Scale your business with CP

Regardless of your experience, career background or the size of your business, CP can support you and your business to achieve your goals and help you do the right thing for your clients – the potential is unlimited, the opportunity is open.

Speak to our team and see how we can help you!


#1: Universities & Courses

With a comprehensive range of courses and universities to meet the needs of your clients – we’ve got you and your clients covered.

#2: Efficiency

Our platform helps make it easier for advisers by identifying the universities likely to accept your clients, helping with time efficiency.

Step 3: Automation

Our resources and automation tools help cut down on admin tasks, ensuring your staff have time to focus on things that matter the most.

Introducing Machine Learning

Our intelligent platform, developed in partnership with our advisers and university partners, helps fill and submit applications quickly- through the same system.

Join a community for life

Joining CP is joining a community. You’ll benefit from being part of a network extending beyond just your own business. 

We also host regular training workshops, roadshows, events, masterclasses and self-governed peer groups which allow you to engage and debate topical issues with industry experts and your peers.

Dedicated support

Whatever capacity you join us in, we take care of regulatory compliance to keep your business running safely and smoothly.

We also help you with marketing and give you all the guidance and practical help you need, every step of the way. You’ll have access to our market-leading comprehensive marketing tool-kit, which includes everything you need to generate those all-important new leads. It also helps you engage, inform and retain the clients you already have on board.

Get Started

Have any questions? You can also reach us on +44 203 865 0982, we are available Monday – Friday, 10am to 6pm UK hours.