Scholarship Fund

At Capital Placement, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to intern abroad that’s why we created the Capital Placement Scholarship.

Our scholarships are currently unavailable until further notice.

Exploring and working abroad is a life-changing experience that we believe everyone should have. Our scholarship is designed to help recent graduates take the opportunity of a lifetime and intern abroad for 6 months on our graduate programme in either London, New York and Singapore.

The Capital Placement Scholarship is aimed to help recent university graduates broaden their perspective of world who might not have had the opportunity to do so due to financial constraints. Not only do we offer a scholarship for graduates, we also guarantee a paid internship placement in either of our global cities.

Scholarship Eligibility

Must be recent graduate

Applicants must have received a university degree within the past 12 months or are about to graduate from their university.

Minimum of a 3.3 GPA

Applicants must have had a minimum of a 3.3 overall GPA.

Must be eligible for our graduate program

See individual graduate program page for more information on eligibility.

Scholarship Process


Apply Online

Applicants must fill out a cover letter answering all the required questions and submit their applications to our online portal. 


Schedule a Telephone interview

After submitting your application, applicants are required to schedule a telephone interview with our committee team. 


Scholarship Acceptance

The successful candidates who have received the scholarship will be able to get 50% off any of the graduate programs offered by Capital Placement. 

Selection Criteria

International Interest
Applicants must have shown interest in being abroad either in their chosen career field or in their academics.
Diversity of Background and Experience
The Capital Placement scholarship seeks to give opportunities to graduates with financial need who will benefit from the knowledge and skills acquired during their internship abroad.

By helping graduates who display financial needs, we help increase the percentage of underrepresented students and graduates who intern abroad, including but not limited to, the first-generation graduates, racially and ethnic minority graduates and graduates in STEM.

Strong understanding and reasons of their chosen destination.

Applicants must show a strong understanding as to why they have chosen their field of interest. Furthermore, applicants must also present compelling reasons as to why they have chosen their internship destination and how an internship abroad can help them in the long term.

Scholarship FAQs


Q. Can I apply for the scholarship before I do my interview with the Capital Placement team? 

A. Yes! You can apply for the scholarship first and then schedule your interview with the placement team once you have received word on your application.

Q.  Who is eligible to apply for the scholarship?

A. To be eligible for the program, you must be a recent graduate (graduated within 12 months of your internship start date) and also qualify for our graduate program. Be sure to go to the specific city graduate page to learn more about eligibility.



Q. When is the application deadline? 

A. The scholarship has a rolling date. This means we review scholarship applications as they come in. Therefore, you can apply at any time or date of the year.

Q. Is the scholarship renewable? 

A. The scholarship is not renewable. If you choose to do another 6 month graduate program, you will have reapply for the scholarship.

Q. How do I apply?

A. The Capital Placement Graduate Scholarship has an online application. The online application will be available on our website. Please keep in mind the paid graduate program does take around 12 weeks, if you are planning to utilise the scholarship, we would suggest you apply at least 14 weeks to when you want to intern abroad.

Q. What should I do if my email or phone number changes during the application process? 

A. If your contact information changes, please be sure to contact as soon as possible with the updated information. Communication will primarily conducted via email and phone therefore it is important to ensure that Capital Placement has the correct information on file at all times. Capital Placement is not responsible for incorrect email addresses or contact information.

Award Process & Recipient Information

 Q. Will the graduate program be different for me if I get the scholarship? 

A. All the inclusions and exclusions will be the same even if you received a scholarship.

Q. What does the payment process look like after I’ve received the scholarship?

A. Once you have received the scholarship and have successfully passed our scholarship,  you will have to pay the deposit to secure your place. After this, the remaining amount will not be due until you have received an internship offer. Once, you have received and accepted an internship, the remaining amount will be split into payments, with the first amount due after your internship acceptance. The final amount will then be due once you have received your visa and documents have been finalised.  The scholarship will cover 50% of the original program fee.

Q. What are my chances of winning the Capital Placement Graduate Scholarship? 

A.  The Capital Placement Graduate Scholarship is highly competitive scholarship. However, do not let this deter you from applying for the scholarship program. Please take a look at our selection criteria for further information.

Q.  What if I get the scholarship, but I fail the interview with the Capital Placement Team?

A. The scholarship offer is conditional, you must pass the interview with our placement team in order to receive it. If you fail the interview, the scholarship will not be applicable.

Q.  When and how will I be notified about the status of my application?

A.  Applicants are required to submit their application online and then schedule their phone interview with our scholarship team at a time that is best for them. After the phone interview, candidates will hear back between 1-2 business days. 

Q. If I am awarded the scholarship, what happens next? 

A.  Once you have received your conditional scholarship acceptance, you will need to schedule your Skype interview with our placement team. This skype interview is a requirement in order to secure a place on our internship program and receive the scholarship.

After you have successfully passed the interview, you will need to secure your place by paying the deposit 5 working days after you have received your offer letter.  From here, the process will be same as all of our internship program. It does take around 12 weeks from your Skype interview with our placement team to you arriving and beginning your internship in your chosen destination.

Q.  How much does the scholarship take off of the program fee?

A. The scholarship will take off about 50 % of the total program fee. For example,  our London and Singapore program fee will go from £3000 in total with deposit to £1500. The New York program fee will go from £3450 to £1725 in total.

Q. How can the scholarship be used?

A. The scholarship is only applicable for the program fee. It will cover 50% of the original program fee.  You will be responsible for the remaining total. If you have any questions or concerns about how the scholarship is used, you can contact us at