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Secure OPT/CPT internships with companies across the US!

Discover internship opportunities with a duration ranging from 3-12 months among a wide range of companies situated in New York, and other major cities!

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Failing to find enough OPT/CPT opportunities near you? We’ll take it from here!

We at Capital Placement firmly believe in being at the right place at the right time, to help students navigate their way into the world of internships. For over a decade, we’ve secured international internships to over 2500 candidates, across New York, London and Singapore.

Finding opportunities that grant optional practical training (OPT) can be increasingly challenging, especially within a short timeline and lack of resources to meet the demands on time. We provide a convenient solution for this problem where you get access to our large network of employers within New York and beyond, to other cities like San Francisco, Boston, Seattle, and Chicago.

If you’re seeking an internship in the field of Business, Finance, Tech or Data, speak with us to learn how we can help you land an optional training program.

Speak to our OPT/ CPT internship advisors

OPT/CPT Internship Options

Elevate your career with paid internships in your field, covering both full-time and part-time requirements, and intern from 6-12 months with companies that match your needs.

Working Remotely
Icon representing a wide range of cities
Wide range of cities
Icon representing flexibility
Offers Flexibility
Icon representing mix of paid and volunteer positions
Mix of paid and volunteer positions
Icon suitable for OPT & major cities
Suitable for OPT & major cities
Icon representing a minimum of 6 months duration
Min 6 months
Icon representing paid opportunities
Paid opportunities

Our process for finding OPT/ CPT opportunities

We are here to equip you with the adequate tools to steer your career journey. Starting from professionally tailoring your CV by recruitment experts to 1:1 mentoring and interview coaching, we’re with you every step of the way to fulfil your OPT training requirements.

convent application process
convent application process

Online Application

Apply online and schedule your interview with our team. There is a $65 application fee which is due upon scheduling your interview. Should your application not be successful, the application fee will be fully refunded.
convent acceptance process
convent acceptance process

Understanding your background and preferences

You will undergo a 30 to 45-minute interview and exploration call with our recruitment team. If you succeed in our online interview, we will extend an offer guaranteeing to secure you an internship. To accept this offer and reserve your place in our program, a deposit of $780 is required which is fully refundable if we don't find you an internship.
convent placement process
convent placement process


The entire process can take up to 8 weeks, beginning from the day you pay the deposit. During this time, our team will work closely with you to find a suitable opportunity. The remaining fee of $780 is due once you receive an offer from the company where you wish to intern.

Program inclusion

Professionally Tailored CV
Guaranteed Internships within the OPT timeline
Paid & Volunteer Opportunities
Dedicated Program and Career Advisor
1-to-1 Career Coaching
Interview Preparation
Host Company Reference

Program Fees

$1625 / Total Fees

Fees Breakdown
Application Fees*
Program Deposit
Remaining Program Fees (After placement confirmation)

Pay in 3-6 equal interest-free instalments with Klarna or PayPal: $260 x 6 payments*

Logo of Klarna and Paypal shown horizontally

*Klarna and PayPal Pay in 3 are only available for candidates from Australian, European, and US countries. 

Our Guarantee

We strive to find you an internship that aligns with your career goals yet tick all the big boxes with regards to an optional training program. If we are unable to find you an internship within the time period, we will refund the application and deposit fees in full, no questions asked.

CPT/ OPT Opportunities FAQ

Does CPT have to be an internship?

Curricular Practical Training (CPT) is a form of training whereby international students and graduates can pursue employment under their specific curriculum at a full-time or part-time capacity.

CPT can extend to internships, co-op or other types of work/study alternatives that contain practical training, and can go beyond the part-time limit of 20 hours a week.

Why is CPT important for international students?

Curricular Practical Training (CPT) is highly beneficial for international students in the US as it provides them a platform for skill development and obtaining practical knowledge in the field of their studies.

Additionally, it provides a scope for enhanced employability as these students have a better outcome with networking opportunities, and gain more practical work experience. 

What are the requirements for being eligible for a CPT internship?

CPT internship requirements mainly involve you being a current student holding an F-1 visa and having completed at least one year at an SEVP-certified university.

Other eligibility criteria includes:

  • Relevant educational background in the area of training
  • Training embedded in university curriculum
  • CPT is authorized only after securing a training opportunity and being ready to work.
Where to find internship opportunities that provide OPT/CPT?

Although we are not the only solution, choosing Capital Placement means choosing the best outcome with your requirement for OPT/CPT. We can assist you from tailoring your CV to interview coaching, and provide you internship opportunities that are not available on job website within New York in both in-person and remote options.

Are OPT and CPT internships unpaid?

We certainly offer numerous paid opportunities within our network of employers that provide OPT or CPT internships. Some candidates utilize CPT and OPT opportunities as a means to enhance their CV and they can afford to engage in an unpaid internship. However, many are not in such a position. We can collaborate with you to find the right opportunity that ideally aligns with your financial situation.

If it is a fully paid internship, then you should receive at least the state minimum wage, and we cannot promise anything beyond that.

Can you get into OPT/CPT internships without experience?

Absolutely. The purpose of these internships is to provide you with foundational practical experience and training in the field of your studies. Therefore, you can consider OPT/CPT internships as your first step toward your career. We always advise candidates that it’s not an issue if you don’t have experience, but you must have the drive and show passion during your interview.

If you join our program, we will help you by starting to fix your CV, provide guidance on what to do during the interview, and we will reach out to employers on your behalf to secure that first interview for you.