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Hire from Palestine in 2024: Commit to Hire at Least One Software Engineering Intern from Palestine

The Hire from Palestine is an initiative funded by the World Bank and the European Union that any company can be part of.

Empowering Futures: Doubling Down on Tech Talent in 2024

In 2023, we worked with 50+ companies who hired dozens of tech interns and this year we’re looking to double our impact and are seeking 100 companies to commit to hiring at least 1 software engineering intern from Gaza and/or the West Bank in 2024.

Join Our Committed Partners

We need 100 partners in 2024 and we are halfway through our target for the year. Be part of the journey to hire a tech intern from Palestine.

Committed partner for hiring from Palestine

Why Your Commitment Matters

Last year, just over 50 employers committed to our Hire from Palestine Program. A lot has changed in the past few months and this year, we are committed to doubling our efforts and we could use your help.

We are all passionate about technology and some of us were lucky enough to have had great mentors and employers at the start of our careers. The youngest and the least experienced have been affected significantly in Palestine.

Without any mentors or a network that can help, many talented Palestinian recent graduates have been affected by a severe lack of opportunities.

We are on a mission to help these young people who face disadvantage and adversity to build a better future for themselves. We believe that every young person should have the chance to succeed and be supported to develop the skills and confidence they need to kickstart their career.

Will you help us reach our goal

Contribute to our goal of 100 internship placements by hosting an intern, or help us spread the word with your network.


Is it legal to hire & pay Palestinians?

Yes, it’s legal to hire people from Gaza and the West Bank as contractors or through an Employer of Record. If you’re uncertain about the process of hiring interns from Palestine remotely, our good friends over at Manara have put together this guide. We want to ensure this is not a barrier to hiring great interns and if no other options meet your needs, Capital Placement is happy to facilitate your payroll for you so that your contract would be with a UK entity.

Can we only hire interns remotely?

While we encourage companies to hire remotely so that Palestinians can stay home, some Palestinians do prefer to relocate. We support our talent community with their dreams & believe doing so is more important now than ever. It’s easiest for Palestinians to get visas to relocate to:

  • Middle East (UAE, Turkey, etc)
  • Europe (UK, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Poland, etc)
  • Canada

I have filled out the commitment form, what is the process after that?

Amazing! You will hear back from our team within 3 business days to schedule an intake call. If you’re not yet ready to hire, we’ll align on the best time to reconnect.

Will there be any hiring fees?

No. We do not charge any fees for hiring interns through this program.