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10 productive things to do during summer holidays

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The lockdown has got everyone bored, especially since social events like partying and concerts are out of the question. On the bright side, all this free time at home can be used any way you want. A working adult will tell you to appreciate this time because it’s just about the most number of hours you’re going to have to do absolutely anything you want.

We won’t stop you from binge-watching Netflix. Go ahead and play those games you downloaded (Animal Crossing, anyone?). But aside from those, here are ten productive ways to kick boredom during the lockdown.

1. Catch up with family and friends 

Picture a bar. 

No, not the drinking joint with beer and smokes.

Rather, the battery level on your phone. Imagine if this represented your relationship with your siblings, relatives, parents, or friends. How full is the bar? In other words, have you done some bonding recently?

This is a great time to check in with people you haven’t spoken to in a while. Some fun activities would be to catch a Netflix movie together or to play an online game. These are sure to break the ice immediately!

2. Attend an online internship

During this time, landing an on-site job will be challenging, but a virtual internship can help you get a foot in the door. The pandemic has made everything virtually possible, including a remote internship. Now, companies can even hire interns from an entirely different time zone and work on projects simultaneously!

Online internships will give you a more structured routine, but it is a great way to use all the free time you have at home. It will allow you to apply skills in the workplace, connect with virtual teammates, and receive mentorship on work projects.

Check out our remote/virtual internships section to get started with yours. 

3. Spring clean your room 

Chances are you haven’t been able to clean your room, thanks to the whirlwind of assignments and classes. Now is the best time to do so!

Research shows that physical clutter can be representative of mental clutter. So, if you’ve been feeling a little unproductive or down in a slump, a thorough spring cleaning of your room or apartment may be beneficial. At the end of it, you’ll feel much more relaxed and comfortable to hit the goals on this list!

Divide your room into sections (ceiling to floor, bedroom to bathroom, etc.). You don’t have to clean all of it in a day, though. Instead, create a schedule and pick two sections to tidy up each day.

4. Decorate your space 

You can finally achieve your #apartmentgoals after you clean up a little bit. Personalise your space by styling it up how you’ve always wanted it.

Many tiny tweaks can make an apartment homier, such as rugs, throws, pillows, and indoor plants. Candles and a change of lighting make a massive difference to the atmosphere of a home. You can even use the vertical wall space to hang little trinkets!

Start by collecting Pinterest ideas for a space in your home (the kitchen, the bedroom, a reading corner, even). IKEA, Amazon, and Primark are great places to shop for affordable home items.

A pinterest profile with various boards for inspo.

5. Earn some money online 

Although times are tough for the regular job-seeker, there are still ways to earn some side income at a more flexible schedule. With the internet, the possibilities are pretty endless.

Let’s say you enjoy designing presentation decks or posting on social media. You can provide those services as a freelancer on websites such as Freelancer, Upwork, and Fiverr.

If you like baking or cooking, sell your bakes to your local community. You can even teach an online class on SkillShare or these other course platforms!

Crafty people have found ways to earn a living by creating jewellery, keychains, magnets, clothes, notebooks and more on Etsy.

These small businesses can be started with minimal capital since there aren’t any overhead fees nor an office you need to rent. Most of the time, you’ll only need your devices, the internet, and determination.

6. Finish a book 

When’s the last time you finished a book from cover to cover? Some people enjoy reading books to escape from reality, while others try to hunt for a slice of their reality in the book characters. Some read to get inspiration, while others read simply to learn.

Pick up a book from your bookshelf or an ever-expanding online library of e-Books. While reading serves as a leisure activity, it is much more productive if you set a reading goal. It also forces you to finish it by a specific date.

We recommend going on BookDepository to shop for discounted books online and get them delivered to you (zero delivery fee!).

7. Make a pandemic time capsule 

We are living in a historical century, and for you to be alive and experiencing it is pretty spectacular. One day, you’ll be able to tell your children stories about your days during the COVID-19 pandemic. But, let’s step it up a notch.

We love the idea of a pandemic time capsule by Ronda Kaysen on The New York Times. A pandemic time capsule is an archival box of mementoes you collect now and choose to preserve. These could be timelines of events, newspaper clippings, photographs, your notes of sights and sounds, a grocery list from quarantine, or your first homemade mask.

8. Learn something new 

Hey you, all those university courses took time! Now that you’re done with them, how about satisfying your curiosities?

Thankfully, online courses are widely available today to learn something that has always intrigued you. One advantage is that you’ll get to learn at your own pace, which takes off all the pressure. Some courses are free of charge, while others with a certificate come with a small fee. You can enrol as a student on Udemy, Udacity, Coursera, Masterclass and more.

You’ll be able to jazz up your resume by adding the relevant skills and certificates. Plus, this is a fantastic opportunity to learn alongside students from other countries and grow your network!

Different sites that offer courses to help you upskill

9. Exercise 

I’ve come to enjoy exercise during the pandemic, minus the pressure of performing. There are many benefits of working out that don’t revolve around your looks. You develop your confidence and self-esteem. You strengthen and protect your vital organs while also improving the quality of your sleep.

Even if you can’t visit the gym, you can still develop an exercise routine at home. While we still have flexibility in our schedule, it’s better to get started earlier than later. Many adults complain that they won’t have much time to exercise once they begin working a full-time job!

Tune in to your body with some mindful yoga, or work up a sweat with a cardio routine. You can even partner up with a buddy to keep each other accountable! Remember to set goals and stay hydrated.

10. Explore your creative side 

With all this time on your hands, it’s perfect to start exploring your creative side, whether it’s photography, music, woodcraft or baking.

There is an endless stream of resources to help you get started, as long as you have the tools. Many people find pursuing the arts to be therapeutic and calming, a much-needed de-stresser during this pandemic.

So, even if you’re doing it for a hobby, put your 100% into it! Perhaps you’ll discover a hidden talent. Don’t be intimidated by the professionals – everybody’s got to start somewhere.

Final thoughts 

This lockdown has shown many of us that we have massive potential that seems to be hidden by our daily routines and social distractions. We hope these ten activities will help you make the most out of your time!




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