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5 steps to start off your career in digital marketing

Career in Digital Marketing

Kudos on picking a career in Digital Marketing as your field of growth. Needless to say, it is one of the fastest-growing industries globally. If you are looking for your way into the world of digital marketing, you’re in the best place to be.

In the simplest terms, digital marketing is communication done through digital media. Every update you come across social media feeds, answer to every google search query and the ads you come across in different websites belong to the world of digital marketing. As an aspiring digital marketer, you will be in the centre of it all, getting first-hand experience in all elements of virtual marketing.

You made the right choice!

We all know that choosing your career can be overwhelming. If you think you’re the only one cracking under the pressure of making the best decision, you can’t be more wrong. There are a million things needed to consider such as financial stability, space to grow, and work-life balance which is a must in the 21st-century lifestyle we lead. If you have chosen the path to become a digital marketer, it is indeed a wise one and here are 4 reasons why. 

The future is digital

The world is not what it was a few years ago. With the outbreak of the pandemic, everything took a digital turn from doctor’s appointments to classes and movie nights. The future is digital and it is clear that marketing makes the world go round. So, developing your skillset as you start your career in digital marketing would be the best choice for your future.

It’s never boring

Digital marketing is an ever-evolving industry; no two days are alike with technology that always changes at an unimaginable rate. Every innovation comes with an opportunity or threat waiting to be taken advantage of and you as a digital marketer will get to experience the new world, before it could even happen. A career in digital marketing will never go boring!

Best of both worlds

A great digital marketing campaign is made of superior technology and outstanding creativity. These two aspects are worlds apart, but once you start off your career as a digital marketer, you will be handling the best of both worlds. For instance, the world of social media was revolutionized by TikTok and digital marketers of brands were the first to get hope on the trend. 

A digital marketer’s salary 

Digital marketers are in high demand and we don’t see this declining anytime soon. According to LinkedIn, the job role ‘Digital Marketing Specialist’ has been among the top ten most-in-demand jobs with more than 800,000 openings. Without a doubt, digital marketers are highly rewarded for their services and are sought after in all industries across the world. A career in digital marketing will open up the world to you; there are many opportunities for digital marketers out there and now is the best time to get started on your career.

So, how to get started in your digital marketing career?

First, choose your specialisation

As you get started, you must understand the many specialities in the industry. There are many digital marketing jobs to consider and each one has a different set of skills to get the hang of. 


Search Engine Optimization plays a vital role in digital marketing. Your average customer journey for everything from buying a new sofa to planning a trip begins with a simple google search. The order in which the search results appear is determined by the power of SEO of each article. In simple terms, search engine optimized blogs or sites will appear on top, while the rest will be ranked lower, at the bottom of the page or worse, on the second page of results. 

SEO is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing and no matter which field you choose, knowing the fundamentals of SEO will be an added advantage. Check out SEMRush Academy or one of the other hundreds of courses to get started!

Content Marketing

Content marketers focus on creating longer content such as blog articles, case studies and journals to educate and raise awareness of a certain product or service. Content marketing is one of the most interesting aspects of digital marketing. 

Content writing is often mistaken for copywriting but as you observe them, you will see how copywriting has a shorter effect while content marketing has a longer impact. To learn more, check out Hubspot for their guides on content marketing for fun and illustrative stories to get you learning.

Email Marketing

While it is pretty self-explanatory, email marketing requires targeting the right people which needs a special set of digital marketing skills. Email marketers send attractive messages to the lists of people with promotions and other communique to raise awareness of products or services. 

Testing out different words and catchy phrases to best get the attention of the target audience is the main part of the role of an email marketer.

Social Media Marketing

A large part of digital marketing is social media. Almost all of us spend more than four hours on average on different social media apps such as TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. Marketing brands on these platforms is the main role of a social media manager. 

Social media managers create strategies to grab the attention best and then develop content to get more awareness of their messaging. Running ads and publishing interesting and engaging content that stands out from the millions of other brands is an exciting part of this job. I mean, we all know the power of memes. 


Writing is a major aspect of digital marketing. Everything you see on social media and other platforms are carefully written to capture the attention of the audience. Busy people like you and me. Copywriters create taglines, product descriptions, text on posts, captions, emails and everything that is short and sweet, or even otherwise. They also create the strategy for the content as well as script out videos and films that will be played on digital platforms. This is one of the most exciting parts of digital marketing and an area you can have the most fun with!

Then, create your own website

Once you have picked your area of specialisation, it’s time to get known for the services you offer. Create your page with a portfolio of your work and qualifications so your prospective clients or employers can see where your talents lie and how they can best fit their company. Make sure your website is available on other platforms such as social media as well. A link on your bio will go a long way! Check out to organise your work. 

Start an internship

An internship is one of the fastest ways of learning the ropes of digital marketing. Once you start working on projects, you will learn how digital marketing happens in the real world. An internship will be your best chance at understanding the fundamentals of digital marketing so you will be certain about what you want to do and which areas you want to master.

The learning never stops

Always keep yourself updated on the new trends of digital marketing. Subscribe to as many newsletters from blogs on digital marketing and make it a habit to read a few every day. There are so many sources of information out there and it is all yours to grab.


Making digital marketing friends goes a long way. You can thrive in an industry based on communication only through creating strong connections. These bonds will help you attract job opportunities or clients, and even help you learn more about your field. Networking is one of the best and easiest ways of starting off your digital marketing career.

Get started!

Being a digital marketer is a lot of fun and learning but how do we get started? The internet is the best place to learn. There are hundreds of verified courses that will support your budding digital marketing career. Check out Digital Garage by Google to understand the fundamentals of digital marketing and if you want more, they also have courses for intermediate and advance level digital marketer and it’s all completely free! Facebook Blueprints is perfect to learn social media marketing and SEMRush Academy is a great source to get the hang of SEO.

A career in digital marketing is dynamic and very exciting. Having a strong background in digital marketing will set a great foundation for any job or venture you embark on in the future. A constantly evolving career path in digital marketing will have you hungry for more knowledge and keep you learning something new every day, making sure you are the best version of yourself. Start off your internship now and explore a world of limitless opportunities!



Lihini is a poet and creative writer working in the field of public relations and advertising. She loves the art of writing and spends her time between reading, watching movies and baking. She wants to travel and dreams of visiting all the beautiful places across the world.

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