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5 ways an overseas internship will help you in job interviews

Overseas Internships are a great way of gaining valuable experience in the world of work. Here are 5 ways that an overseas internship will help you when it comes to securing and passing those all-important interviews.

1)  It can get you the interview in the first place. You will be competing with a great number of other candidates, many of whom will be similar to you in background. They may have the same grades, had a part-time job, and have gotten some in-house experience. However, not everyone has internship experience abroad and this could really get your application to the top of the pile.

2) It’s what they will ask about. Interviewers are not only interested in your competency but they also want to get to know you. An exciting internship abroad really stands out as an obvious question to ask a candidate that they don’t really know very well yet.

3) They might have an interest in where you have been. This could be for any reason, they may have interest in the country or company, it may be somewhere the interviewer has always wanted to go, they may have been there (which will give you an easy way to build rapport) or if you are lucky, it may be a country they are doing or looking to business in – this will make you seem an obvious fit for the role.

4) It makes you seem interesting. It can sometimes be difficult to convey personality to an interviewer without fear of coming across negatively. Speaking about your internship abroad is a good way of telling about your life experiences in a way that is contextual for an interview. It also shows you are confident, willing to tackle challenges and adapt well to change.

5) It’s very easy to talk about. Among all the interview questions you could get, “tell me about your internship.” is a gift. Prepare some experiences and stories to tell, but usually because you will have had such a good time and so many memories of your time abroad, the stories will easily flow. This can calm your nerves as you being to feel confident in what you are saying. Talking about your internship this way can make you seem comfortable in a corporate setting and confident in your ability.

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