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Best places to intern abroad post-pandemic

Intern abroad post-pandemic

Interning abroad enriches you professionally and personally. It’s an opportunity for you to learn, work, meet people and network, and gain experiences that help shape your career.

The next question is where to intern abroad post-pandemic. Accordingly, here is a list of worthwhile choices for an international internship. These destinations are a hub of learning and leisure, a melting pot of cultures, and a place of endless possibilities for students, graduates, and professionals.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, travel recommendations and restrictions vary per country and can change quickly. Plan and coordinate with the concerned parties accordingly.

Intern in New York, Berlin, London, or Singapore

New York

New York City is almost a default choice for an internship abroad. The Big Apple is a land of opportunity and dreams are made of, as one song notes. Moreover, some of the biggest companies in the U.S. and the world are headquartered there. JP Morgan Chase, Pfizer, Verizon, Loews, and Colgate-Palmolive are a few examples.

From finance to fashion, the iconic Tiffany & Co. to the modern Shutterstock, the city offers diverse employers and industries. Interning in New York is an experience, including working with top talents that the city has attracted since time immemorial.

And when in NYC, you have to see for yourself its iconic and historical spots.


From one megacity to another, you have Berlin as another top-notch option to intern abroad post-pandemic. The city is a centre of culture, history, and research in Germany and Europe. And in more recent years, the German capital city has become a startup hub and ranked first in tech-job creation.

Its being conducive to young businesses and talents makes Berlin an attractive place to work post-internship. Moreover, the city’s cost of living is lower compared to other European or German cities. Balance the workload of an intern in Berlin with fun by exploring the city’s nature and nightlife.


Here’s another capital city and a global one at that. According to Kearney, London, England, has been consistently among the top global cities, together with New York, Paris, and Tokyo. Moreover, London is an international city whose diversity is evident in 270 nationalities and 300 languages.

Aside from being a social and leisure hub, London is touted as the world’s financial centre. Amazon’s UK head office is in London, so are the offices of HSBC and other established companies.

Whether you intend to intern in a financial services company or a copywriting agency, interning in London is one for the books.


The city-state is often called the gateway of Asia. For one, Singapore is a top business hub in the Asia-Pacific region, with Apple, Netflix, BMW, and Mondelez among the multinational companies maintaining regional headquarters or offices there. In addition, employment opportunities make Singapore attractive to talents from neighbouring countries and anywhere in the world.

Singapore is a country of many cultures, religions, and cultures. East Asian expatriates have consistently chosen it as the most liveable location, making it a jump-off point to other Asian destinations. So, are you ready to apply for an internship in Singapore?

More Places for Internship Programs

  • Johannesburg: This megacity is an essential financial hub in South Africa and serves as the headquarters of Standard Bank, Absa Bank, and other top companies. Aside from its bustling economy, Johannesburg is known for its biodiversity. Notably, ecotourism, wildlife conservation, and community development are popular internship programs in Johannesburg.
  • Paris: Interning in Paris, France, sounds like a dream set against charming cafes, pretty villages, and architectural triumphs. The city offers real-world opportunities for international students to intern in banking, fashion, tech, and more.
  • Shanghai: This metropolis in mainland China is a major industrial and financial centre in Asia. The city is often referenced as “where the East meets West,” and you’ll find that out when you intern in Shanghai.

Intern Abroad Post-Pandemic

International internships offer exposure to actual working conditions and take you to different worlds. And they look good on your resume too.

Grab the opportunity to invest in yourself, make new friends, and step outside your comfort zone. With countless programs available, applying for an internship abroad is easier.

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