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5 reasons to study abroad in Singapore

5 reasons to study avroad in singapore

Studying abroad in Singapore is one experience you don’t want to miss – if you want to study in a multicultural and diverse society with economic prosperity. Singapore is a global centre of academic excellence, its most prestigious universities have consistently made to global and regional lists of the best universities, respectively. Without further ado, here are our 5 top reasons to study abroad in Singapore, You can make your dream of travelling and studying abroad a reality. And a study in Singapore may just be the perfect destination for you. Learn some of the strengths and stellar qualities that would make you want to study in Singapore. 

1. A City of the Future

Singapore is looking every inch a modern city-state with a colourful past and moving forward to an economically prosperous and technologically advanced future. It’s no surprise really why many come to Singapore to visit, study, work, or settle there for good.

As a smart city, Singapore has leveraged technology to make services better for people and businesses. It was named the smartest city in the world, per the first-ever IMD Smart City Index. Need to check or do something? There’s probably an app for that in Singapore. 

It again topped the 2021 edition of the Smart City Index, which is a partnership between IMD and the Singapore University of Technology and Design. Aside from the economic and technological aspects, the index also examines the humane dimension of urban living. Singapore has gotten an AAA rating and did well in areas such as medical services, children’s access to education, and job opportunities. 

2. A Global Center of Academic Excellence

A destination’s academic reputation is a top consideration when choosing a place to study, and Singapore easily meets if not exceeds this criterion. 

Singapore’s excellent education system is recognized worldwide and evident in the performance of its students, as nurtured under initiatives like Teach Less, Learn More. So when you study abroad in Singapore, not only would you be able to experience top-notch teaching/learning frameworks but also be able to work closely with some of the best students and teachers in the world.  

There are approximately 30+ universities, including international universities with a campus in Singapore. Study in Singapore for the summer, a year, or longer time – you have plenty of options.

 3. A Hub of Job Opportunities

As expected of a global financial hub and Asia’s technology capital, Singapore has been dubbed as a land of opportunities. 

If you are eyeing to work in Singapore after graduation, it’s wise to check employment trends and forecasts, which industries are hiring and what skills are they looking for, and so on. This could help you make career-related decisions, like getting certifications and experience in your field.  

Taking an international internship in Singapore is one way to gain experience in your area of study or figure out where you truly want to focus on. This experience would be a valuable boost to your resume/CV and your confidence; both can help you land a job.

 4. A Place with High Quality of Living

Singapore is an expensive city, and the cost of living is understandably high. And affordability may be a matter of having adequate wages to cover living costs and adopting a frugal lifestyle.

To help with the costs, an international student may apply for a scholarship to study in Singapore. Freelancing is also a popular option to add an extra income stream if you are a writer, photographer, video/photo editor, content creator, tutor, or more. 

Anyone who has been to or has lived in Singapore can attest to the quality of life in areas such as:

  • Transportation: Its public transport system has got to be one of the most efficiently run in the world. The MRT system is reliable, affordable, and innovative, using technology for the convenience of commuters. Singapore has also been pushing for electric vehicles, which have been touted as the future, through incentives. 
  • Sustainability: Singapore is a city in a garden, where green infrastructure blends into the urban landscape. Gardens by the Bay is the perfect example of a megastructure in a bustling metropolis that aims to be clean, green, and liveable.
  • Safety/security: Singapore is one of the safest countries and cities in the world. By safe, it means personal, infrastructure, digital, and health security. Despite being highly urbanized, the place has a low crime rate because of strict law enforcement. 

5. A Multicultural and Diverse Society

Singapore’s heritage reflects many cultures, as evidenced in food, festivals, and many other forms. This cultural diversity draws people, including foreign students, to come to the city-state perceived for being welcoming and accepting to all. 

Work culture is one fascinating aspect of daily life. Being an intern in Singapore may be totally different from say interning in London (see this comparison). Is working overtime a thing? How do you address superiors? 

Singapore presents a mix of East and West, and it’s interesting to discover many facets of it up close. And one of the most effective ways to do so is to engage with the local community, build networks and connections.  

Final Thoughts

There may be more than five reasons to study in Singapore, as there may be more than one benefit for pursuing an international education for your career and personal development.

And if you are after acquiring knowledge/experience, you may as well do so in one of the best places in the world.



Aubrey i​s a writer and a regular contributor. She writes on topics on job searching and career development in hopes to provide better tips on job hunting and career development.

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