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Top 5 education trends in 2022

5 educational trends

The world is changing constantly. What we know today may not be true a couple of days later. The field of education is dynamic, just like the other industries. There are new discoveries and technologies emerging every day that change the way we learn things, for good. As a student, staying up to date on the education trends is important in navigating your future career path.

COVID-19 pandemic changed the course of the world, including the way we learn. While we are reaching the light at the end of the tunnel, the world has picked up a few trends that can make education easier and seamless for both tutors and students. 

Here are the top 5 education trends you should know that will fast-track your career.

1. Virtual learning 

In 2022, everything is a website or an app away. The typical classroom of the 21st century is most likely to be 100% digital with Augmented and Virtual reality recreating the traditional brick and mortar schools. The online learning platform industry is predicted to be a $319 billion dollar industry with more and more people realising its benefits.

Education and learning are easily available for anyone from wherever in the world with online learning platforms such as Coursera, Skillshare, Google Academy, MasterClass, Facebook Blueprints, and Udemy.  The best thing about these platforms is having access to an unbelievable number of learning opportunities from industry experts and educators from top universities around the world. Not to mention, most of these resources can be accessed for free! 

Another great source of online education is the Fabric Academy; a new collaboration marketing online program that offers not just courses but personalised career guidance to support you in choosing the best area of work for you. Access the platform through and get started on landing your dream job in any industry from architecture, business and finance, logistics and supply chain management, computer science, engineering, and everything in between. 

Rather than enrolling in a four-year course, now you can learn a diverse number of subjects and be qualified within a few months and save a lot more money. Visit any of the platforms available and select courses that pique your interest and get started today to live your dream a few months from now. 

2. Learn from leaders and thought starters

Leadership is a quality that people inherit through nature, or in most cases, a skill that can be nurtured through experience and empathy. Learning through a leader or a thought-starter is exciting as they have explored and figured out what works and what doesn’t in real-life situations. Nothing educates you more than applying your theories in real life! 

An entrepreneur is an avid risk-taker. If you are one or you believe to have the potential, learning from one who has taken a similar path is exciting; they have been there and done it! Leadership and entrepreneur training has become an educational trend in 2022 because more people realise that learning through mentors of the industry gives you more insight than you could ever gain through taking down notes. 

Don’t get us wrong, theoretical knowledge is vital in progressing your career. But, what you learn through mentors will help you make better decisions and guide your team into doing amazing projects. The best way to learn is through So, next time you are asked to lead make sure you jump at the chance because you definitely are missing out! 

Ever wonder what kind of leader you are or will be? Check this blog out and find what your leadership style is to understand yourself better. 

3. Immersive Learning

Virtual reality and augmented reality are two emerging education trends in 2022. Immersive technologies such as VR and AR are not strange to us. In fact, most of us use them in gaming and even watching videos. Bringing this technology into education is a great leap forward in the industry and it is definitely becoming famous among the students and teachers alike. 

Why it is being used more often in the industry is because there are many more benefits of immersive teaching than being in a real-life classroom. There are many benefits of using immersive technology in education that help students perform better and learn more interactively.

Ever experienced a moment where you just cannot get to the end of the chapter or keep zoning in and out of the lesson? Well, so have we. One of the main advantages of using AR and VR is that there are fewer distractions because you are immersed in the world of the classroom and everything you see is a part of the learning process. 

With little to no distractions, you are immersed in a world of knowledge. This learner-centric model allows you to be more interactive and engaging, learning at your own pace through techniques that work just for you. 

Immersive technology will allow you to deep dive into the lessons that will help you remember them better. Retention is higher when it comes to AR and VR learning and the chances are, the future of learning will have less memorising and more engagement with the subject matter.

4. Everything is a learning 

Learning through unconventional methods is another trend that we have observed emerging. Gone are the days of tradition where knowledge is only through bulky textbooks and hour-long lectures. Learning can be as simple as talking to a new colleague or taking a new route to work; there is always a lesson everywhere you look that you can apply to your career, in the most unexpected way. So, don’t restrict yourself to convention and seek new experiences that teach you what classrooms could never. 

5. Micro-learning 

Sitting through a two-hour lecture sounds hectic.  In the past, we all have experienced a dreaded class we just cannot sit through. This is because as humans we have a limit to the amount of information that can be consumed in one go. The traditional methods of learning which include sitting through long lessons have changed. The concept of Microlearning is quite efficient because it breaks the lesson into bite-size pieces. It could be in terms of a short video, or a fun article that can be read over breakfast or on your commute to work. 

Small chunks of the lesson are much more likely to be memorised by the students making it one of the most effective education trends of 2022. In most online platforms such as Fabric Academy the lessons are broken into easily digestible parts that keep you entertained while offering the knowledge that is needed. 

Microlearning is also about repeating the lessons so that the students remember them better. Information is recreated in imaginative ways that grab the attention and is more likely to retain them. Through micro-learning we can get a perfect understanding of new theories, concepts and acquire skills which will help you in your internship and wherever your career may lead you.

Education trends in 2022 take an interesting twist; learning has never been this fun. We have broken out of the traditional models of teaching and now we reaching an era of inclusive education where everyone gets a chance to learn the way that works for them. It could be in the form of a short lesson on Fabric Academy, a video on YouTube and even an immersive learning experience where you get to create your own learning environment.

Check out the opportunities available out there and pick what works best for you. This is vital when selecting your path of learning, because as the saying goes, if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will doubt itself for the rest of its life. Choose your method of learning because in 2022, education is for everybody.



Lihini is a poet and creative writer working in the field of public relations and advertising. She loves the art of writing and spends her time between reading, watching movies and baking. She wants to travel and dreams of visiting all the beautiful places across the world.

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