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5 vital resources to ace your internship interview: Part 1

How to ace internship interview part one

Are you preparing for an internship interview? We know that landing that perfect internship opportunity isn’t easy. It requires diligent preparation and a strong performance at the interview. 

To help you succeed, we have put together a list of five insightful blogs that are packed with valuable tips and guidance specifically tailored for interviews. From mastering common interview questions to showcasing your skills and experience effectively, these blogs cover essential topics that will boost your confidence and increase your chances of securing the job. 

#1: How to prepare for a pre-recorded video interview 

This blog offers tips for preparing and excelling in pre-recorded video interviews. It explains that pre-recorded interviews are becoming more popular in the hiring process and provides guidance for those unfamiliar with this format.

The blog highlights the importance of visual elements in the interview. It suggests cleaning up the area visible on camera, selecting a neutral background, and paying attention to lighting. It recommends utilising natural light and adjusting angles to maintain eye contact. The blog advises dressing appropriately in semi-formal attire.

Regarding technical aspects, the blog suggests testing the microphone and minimising background noise. It points out the need for concise and focused responses, summarising critical points about oneself and avoiding unnecessary details. Planning talking points and practising beforehand can be beneficial.

The blog also emphasises the significance of body language, encouraging good posture and confidence during the interview. Lastly, it suggests staying relaxed and confident, eating beforehand, and researching the company thoroughly to align with its requirements. 

Overall, the blog provides a comprehensive guide to help individuals prepare effectively and succeed in pre-recorded video interviews.

#2: Online internship interview mistakes to avoid

The blog discusses common mistakes to avoid during online internship interviews. It stresses the importance of keeping your camera on during virtual interviews to convey confidence and professionalism. 

Asking about expectations in a tactful manner, rather than simply asking “what is expected of me,” demonstrates enthusiasm and a willingness to work hard. It also advises against assuming that the interviewer can read your mind and recommends notifying them if you need to take notes during the interview. 

Sending a brief thank-you email after the interview is considered a professional courtesy. The blog also highlights the significance of maintaining an updated LinkedIn profile and presenting it in a concise and compelling manner. Attention to detail, both in profile content and in a professional photo, is essential.

#3: STAR method: How to nail your next interview

The blog introduces the STAR method as a technique to excel in interviews by providing comprehensive and skilful answers. The STAR method, which stands for Situation, Task, Action, and Result, is a structured approach to responding to competency-based questions. 

It ensures that candidates answer questions clearly, showcase their skills and experience, and stay on track. The blog explains each step of the STAR method and provides examples of competency-based questions where the technique can be applied. 

It emphasises the importance of providing context, describing specific responsibilities, explaining actions taken to achieve goals, and highlighting positive results. By using the STAR method, candidates can effectively demonstrate their abilities and leave a lasting impression during interviews.

#4: 11-step guide to an internship interview

This 11-step guide provides valuable insights on how to prepare for an internship interview. The guide provides specific steps for interview preparation. These include researching the company to gather vital information, thoroughly reading the job description to align oneself with the company’s goals, and preparing answers to common interview questions using bullet points.

The importance of professional attire, whether for in-person or virtual interviews, is emphasised, along with the need to have relevant materials readily available. It also touches upon the significance of body language, suggesting good posture, eye contact, and gestures to exude confidence.

The guide advises preparing thoughtful questions to ask the interviewer, demonstrating interest in the company and role. Being punctual, attentive, and honest during the interview is stressed, as well as the importance of sending a follow-up thank-you email.

It also highlights the areas to focus on during the interview, such as expressing enthusiasm and willingness to learn, inquiring about internship duration and learning opportunities, and asking about compensation or benefits.

#5: How to answer “What’s your biggest weakness?”

This blog provides guidance on how to effectively answer the common interview question, “What is your biggest weakness?” It points out the importance of preparation and offers insights on what not to do when responding to this question. It advises against disguising strengths as weaknesses, lying or being overly honest, showing uncertainty, or presenting irrelevant weaknesses.

The blog then highlights what candidates should do when addressing this question. It emphasises understanding the purpose behind the question and showcasing self-awareness and honesty. It suggests considering feedback from others, selecting weaknesses that won’t sabotage chances, and thoroughly analysing the job description to align weaknesses appropriately.

The importance of preparation is stressed, including practising demo responses and structuring the answer effectively. The recommended structure involves naming the weakness, explaining it, discussing efforts to address it, and highlighting the results or projected outcomes. The blog warns against using overused statements and encourages candidates to provide a fresh and compelling narrative in their own words.

It also covers the significance of embracing one’s weaknesses, maintaining a professional demeanour, and approaching the question with a positive attitude. It encourages candidates to focus on growth and utilise tools like the STAR method to excel in answering interview questions.



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