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Top Marketing Resources To Grow Your Marketing Knowledge

Digital Marketing Resources

Hello fellow, current and future marketers! If you’re looking to grow your knowledge in marketing, we’ve got you covered. Here are our favourite go-to marketing resources to stay up-to-date and keep our marketing skills as fresh as can be. Let’s go! 

Hubspot Marketing Blog

Hubspot’s marketing blog is a true gem for upcoming and current marketers. From offering templates to help you manage your social media calendars to B2B content marketing examples to even how to write a blog post, this site has everything you need to keep growing your marketing knowledge. 

The MOZ Blog

The MOZ Blog is a key resource from Moz Pro – an online platform for your SEO needs. Their blog is a little more technical, so it may be challenging for new marketers still learning key marketing terms. However, it is one of the best places to learn about Search Engine Optimization, aka SEO. In fact, they have a whole academy dedicated to it. Check it out.

Digital Marketing Institute

The Digital Marketing Institute offers online courses where you can get certified in marketing. However, we like their blogs the most. Their blogs offer insights into things like Whatsapp marketing, content marketing, eCommerce marketing, online advertising and more. 

It’s a fantastic place to start familiarizing yourself with different avenues of marketing. They also offer templates, webinars and a skillset assessment to see how you stack against your competitors.

The Fabric Academy

The Fabric Academy offers a 12-week program for ambitious marketers looking to level up their careers. They also offer webinars, strategy templates, buyer personas workshops and some of the fundamental basics you need to understand what great marketing looks like.

Marketing Week

Marketing week is excellent for staying up to date with all new marketing campaigns, news, press releases and more. They also have a section called “Knowledge Bank” that offers different case studies, white papers, resources and guides to help you understand and achieve your marketing goals.

They even discuss upcoming marketing trends, which is excellent for current marketers and upcoming marketers looking for roles to impress potential employers


Last and most certainly not least is Copyblogger. Their mission is quite simple to help content creators succeed in a pretty intense copywriting world. They offer insights into copywriting 101, email marketing, blogging and landing pages, to name a few. 

It’s an excellent resource if you want to get into copywriting or content marketing. As a current marketer, it’s been an excellent resource for me to learn what content works best for a landing page versus an email vs a blog.

Final Thoughts

Marketing is an exciting and ever-evolving field, and we love it. The key to staying on top of this fast-pacing industry is finding your favourite resources to learn from and consume them quite frequently. 

Not to be too cheeky, but we’d like to think these top marketing resources are an excellent place for you to start! 

Julia Hurtado

Julia Hurtado

Having spent an entire summer dedicated to travelling abroad, Julia now focuses on helping other students experience life outside their home country. As an American now working in London, Julia enjoys sharing advice on interning abroad, sipping tea (with 2 sugars, 1 milk please) and reading in her spare time.

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