Top podcasts for college students

Podcasts for Students

College is an exciting new chapter of life; it is your first step into adulthood and you will be in control of every aspect of your life from food, keeping track of your money while balancing your studies and social life. Sounds like a lot of work? Well, the truth is, adulting is hard. 

The good news is you’re never alone! There are millions of other students who are experiencing this new, yet, confusing time of their lives. 

Here are ten podcasts to help you brave the weather a bit better. Advice coming from those who have been there, done that to listen while you sipping on your morning coffee, walking down the street and running errands.

1. The Career Growth Podcast

The Career Growth Podcast is a must listen if you’re a college student about to enter the job market. Hosted by Capital Placement’s Employee Partnership Associate Lucie Morris, CEO Vinay Vimalan and Digital Marketing Associate Julia Hurtado, the podcast gives all college students insight on what it is like once you graduate and enter the world of working. 

The show talks about less-spoken topics when it comes to career growth like what to do when you don’t have relevant career experience, how to build connections with leaders to open doors to new and exciting opportunities and of course, how to deal with anxiety or imposter syndrome in your workplace. 

If you’re new at your job or looking for an internship, this is a podcast you must listen to for advice and even insider information from a trio who has been there, done that. 

The Career Growth Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify Podcasts and Google Podcasts.

2. College Info Geeks

Good grades and graduating are awesome but that’s not all college is about. College Info Geeks features over 300 podcasts that help you become better at college. The hosts Martin Boehme and Thomas Frank started the podcast when they were in college and now give in-depth advice on everything; life, career, productivity and studying tips that will help you win in life once you step outside the walls of the college.

Unfiltered and unscripted, the podcast will help you figure out how to get better grades, make more friends, pay off your student loans, create your own personal brand, get promoted, get fitter, even travel the world; it’s all about winning in life in all its aspects. 

The best part about College Info Geeks is that the hosts Martin and Thomas can relate to the struggles of college students so they make sure the advice, tips and hacks are very practical and easy to do.

Not to mention, the podcasts are fun to listen to and not too long that it gets boring. Get listening on how to beat procrastination and manage your time better, study more efficiently, take down better notes, stay motivated and basically everything you need to win in college and create a remarkable life outside of it.

You can listen to them on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Play and YouTube. Check out their latest podcast here.

3. Ted Talks Daily

Ted Talks Daily hosted by journalist Elise Hu is a platform that encourages new thinking and ideas on any subject you can think of – from economics, literature, science, politics, innovation, discoveries, philosophy to inspirational speeches.

The ideas are given by creators and thought leaders across the world inspiring you to think different, form an opinion and stay curious about the world we live in. Ted Talks Daily will have you debating with your professors and friends about the things that matter, making college a lot more interesting.

This podcast is for those who are love to learn something new every day and change their perspective of the world. After all, college is all about learning, unlearning and relearning and apart from the classrooms, this podcast is one of the best places to start becoming the college student you’ve always wanted to.

You can listen to Ted Talks Daily on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google, Radio Public, Stitcher, TuneIn, Castbox and iHeartRadio. 

4. Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders

If becoming an entrepreneur is your goal, this podcast is perfect for you. Hosted by Standford University, each episode feature industry leaders like Mark Zuckerberg, Marissa Mayer and Guy Kawasaki and they speak on how to build a business from the ground. 

The podcast is a lot of fun; all speakers are candid and real, sharing their experiences and laughing at the mistakes they’ve made throughout their journey of entrepreneurship. The podcast is alive with sarcasm, wit, inspiration, motivation and everything you need to know about creating an enterprise of your own. 

Listen to the personal stories of leaders and learn through their mistakes. If entrepreneurship is for you, don’t miss out on all the insights the podcast offers.

Check out their latest episode here.

5. All Things Money

One of the biggest challenges of adulthood is managing our finances – suddenly you are supposed to figure out how many taxes you should pay, mortgages, student loans and credit card payments. Money can get messy and before you know it, you could be getting yourself into a lot of trouble.

All Things Money is a podcast that focuses on money and how you should manage it. Hosted by Ola, the podcast is a saviour for all college students struggling with concepts like universal credit, credit scores, investing and living on a budget. 

Tune into All Things Money every Monday and listen to the casual and lighthearted conversation about very serious financial literacy, which is a must for all adults but surprisingly not enough spoken of in high school or college.

Listen to the latest episode of All Things Money here

6. The Sporkful

The Sporkful is an award-winning podcast bagging The Best Food Podcast at James Beard Awards, Webby Awards and is also listed as one of the 10 Best Podcasts of 2021 by the New York Times. The creator and host Dan Pashman talks about food and everything about food that we love. 

Dan approaches food differently, making his podcast all the more interesting. He connects food to culture, history, race, science and even economics teaching us all about the world we live in through the art of food.

Tune into The Sporkful if you love all things food and learning new things while debating the best way to eat a sandwich or a bowl of instant noodles. Hilarious and innovative, it’s everything that college doesn’t teach you and is a must-listen!

Listen to Dan’s latest episode here.

7. Becoming Wise

Becoming Wise is one of my personal favourite podcasts for two reasons. It is the perfect duration-it’s the time you spend on making your cup of coffee and it is incredibly meaningful, shaping the rest of the day into a wholesome and productive one. 

The host is Krista Tippett and she curates each episode inspired by conversations she has with celebrated people across many industries. The podcast is insightful while being graceful, gently motivating the listeners; everything a college student needs. 

The podcast is tagged ‘deep and discovery in the time it takes to make a cup of tea’ which is the perfect description to Becoming Wise. The conversations run deep and the discoveries remain with you, shaping your life- an essential as we break into adulthood.

Krista was honoured with the National Humanities Medal by President Barak Obama awarding her for “thoughtfully delving into the mysteries of human existence”. The podcast is a must-listen for all college students for inspiration, life lessons and perspective they are looking for.

Listen to the latest episode of Becoming Wise here.

8. The Lazy Genius

The Lazy Genius is another amazing podcast all college students must listen. Kendra, the host, is a wife and mom of three who has mastered the art of smart work over hard work-the birth of the audio show, The Lazy Genius. 

Adulting is tricky; so many to-dos and not to-dos and sometimes it feels like there has got to be an easier way. The Lazy Genius is all about tips, tricks and hacks to live a better life, the lazy way. 

Kendra’s mantra is being lazy about the things that don’t matter while being genius about the things that do. It is about paying attention to the important things in life while letting go of the things that you can’t control and making the chaotic adult life a little bit easier. 

In each 20-minute episode of the The Lazy Genius you will learn a lot about adulting and you will see how everyone is just like you- a bit lazy, a bit genius and a bit confused about well, a lot of things in the adult life.

Listen to the latest episode of The Lazy Genius here

9. The Trend Reporter

Hosted by four-time Emmy winning TV personality Mara Shiavocampo, The Trend Reporter podcast talks about everything that is trending right now that you should know about. 

Get to know the latest trends in wellness, beauty, fitness and style to up your game. After all, college is not just about classes, studying and endless note-taking but also about living life a bit better. 

The podcast is fun, fresh and has a lot of good energy that is almost contagious. Learn all about the new trends that come up every day and Mara will help you figure out which ones are worth trying out.

The Trend Reporter is definitely a stress buster and goes perfectly well with your morning cup of coffee.

Listen to Mara on her latest episode on The Trend Reporter here.

10. Cappuccino

We saved the best for last! Cappuccino is an app that lets you create your own personalized podcast and share with your friends. 

How the app works is really interesting; all day long you and your friends can record short audio stories of 3 minutes or less called Beans. These can be life updates, embarrassing moments, jokes, or give prompt your friends with questions or moments of reflection and of course, drama. 

Next morning at 8.00 am just when you’re ready for your coffee, you can listen to your Cappuccino; the perfect blend of all your fun stories with background music. Now you can have your own daily show featuring all the people you love and listen to their stories and moments of life.

Download Cappuccino on App Store or Google Play store and you’re all set!


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Final Thoughts

Graduating, adulting, managing finances, having a social life, achieving your dreams and goals and dealing with everything in between is overwhelming, especially when it happens all at once. This period is stressful for all us but the bright side is, we are not alone! All podcasts featured here exist because they were once just like us, a tad bit confused. Listening to stories of people who made it through this transition period into adulthood and taking advice from them is inspiring. After all, it’s all about the adventure!



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