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Part-time Online Internship

Intern from 5-20 hours per week for 6 weeks to 6 months alongside your university studies, with our part-time online internship program.

What is a Part-time Online Internship?

Our part-time online internship program has a flexible schedule that allows you to pick the number of hours you want to work so you can gain valuable career experience without disrupting your studies. With 25+ industries, our online internship program offers you the opportunity to grow your global experience by interning with companies based in London, New York and Singapore.

Our part-time online internships are for current university students looking to gain global work experience while they are pursuing their studies.

Benefits Of Remote Part-time Internships

remote Intern work experience


While studying at university, on your own time. Opening the door for you to gain real-world experience without disrupting your studies. 
Remote Internship - working from home

Get Work Experience

You no longer have to wait for university breaks in order to be able to partake in an internship. Intern between 5-20 hours a week for global companies, giving you the ability to gain work experience all year long. 
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Work with a Global Team

In today’s interconnected world, having relevant work experience with global companies offers you leverage above your peers when you enter the job market. 

Career Prospects

Interns who have completed our part-time online internship have been deemed incredibly valuable to employers because of the high-quality and immersive work experience they have gained through their online internships. We designed our online internship programs to be immersive and challenging, therefore, providing them with practical experience alongside their theoretical knowledge. Our ambition is to create internship programs that are focused on providing the intern with firsthand experience in what it means to work in their desired field.

Program Inclusion

Professionally Tailored CV
Guaranteed Part-time Internships (5 to 20hrs a week)
£500 Scholarship to our International Internship Programs in London, Singapore or New York
Dedicated Program and Career Advisor
1-to-1 Career Coaching & CV Editing
Host Company Reference



6 weeks to 6 months Program
Fees (in GBP/USD)
Application Fees £50/$60*
Program Deposit £600/$710**
Remaining Program Fees £600/$710
Total Fees £1250/$1480
  1. The application fee is refunded in full if your application is rejected after the online interview. 
  2. The application and deposit fees will be refunded if we fail to find you an online internship.

Our guarantee

We work hard to ensure we find an internship that matches your career and personal goals. If we fail to find you an internship that you are happy with, we will refund the application and deposit fees in full. It’s our guarantee

Speak to our program advisors

Speak to our  program advisors

How Part-time Internship works


Online Application

Apply online and schedule your interview with our team. The application fee of £50 and is due before booking an interview. This fee will be refunded if your application is rejected after the online interview.



If you successfully pass our online interview, you will receive an offer from us guaranteeing you an internship. You can secure your place on the program by paying the £600 deposit fee.



The entire process may take up to 6 weeks from the day of you paying the deposit. The remaining fee of £600 is due once you receive an offer from the company that you wish to intern with.

Apply Online

Start your part time internship application and book an online interview with us. The process takes less than 5 minutes. 

Part-time Internships FAQ

What is a part-time internship?

A part-time internship is the ability to work between 10-30 hours a week.

How do part-time internships work?

Part-time internships allow you to have more flexibility in your scheduling by working between 10-30 hours a week. This will enable you to maintain control of your schedule, gain career experience and keep up with your studies.