Remote Internship:

General Terms and Conditions

These are the General Terms and Conditions set out by Capital Placement Limited and Capital Placement London Limited, trading as “Capital Placement” valid for all remote internship programs with Capital Placement (“We”, “CP”, “Us”, “The company”) by you (“Intern”, “You”, “Your”, “Applicant”, “Client”, “Student” “Participant”). All programmes are subject to these conditions, which become legally binding upon making an application. Capital Placement reserves the right to withhold confirmation of enrolment at its discretion if such action is deemed necessary in the interests of the client, Capital Placement or any of our partners. In addition to the following Terms and Conditions, all Interns of Capital Placement are obliged to act in compliance with the rules and regulations of the relevant country in which the program is conducted. Failure to do so may lead your place on the program being terminated and possible civil or criminal actions by the host country.

Our Obligation

In return for the receipt of your full program fee, CP will deliver the following:

  • Provide you with a professionally tailored CV.
  • Arrange provisions for a remote internship with a host company.
  • Dedicated Program and Career Advisor 
  • Virtual social events or business webinars 
  • 1-to-1 Career coaching 
  • Host Company Reference
  • £500 credit to all our international internships programs in London, Singapore or New York 

Your Obligations

All programmes are subject to these conditions, which become legally binding upon making an application for a place on the programme.

During your time on the programme, You will:

  • Maintain good conduct at all times.
  • Comply with the instructions provided by CP staff, our partners and/or subcontractors. Improper interference with the functioning of the program that deviates from the accepted professional or ethical standards will be regarded as misconduct. This also includes not following the terms, conditions and rules set by our partners.
  • Liaise with CP to ensure sufficient documentation and support is provided to assist with your internship.
  • For the avoidance of doubt, we expect all documents requested to be submitted within 5 working days.
  • Reply in a timely manner to all correspondence issued by CP. For the avoidance of doubt, we expect a response within 48 hours.
  • Communicate clearly with CP about your internship preferences and understand We will endeavour to find a suitable match based on your communicated preferences.
  • Work with Us in a timley manner to attend any necessary telephone or online interviews as required by us or your host company.
  • Utilise all the resources and support provided by Us in the lead up to your internship, during the program and post-program, including thoroughly reading all documents supplied to you. 
  • Follow your host companies’ code of conduct, policies, dress code, break times and any other rules and regulations set by the company. You should act as an intern of your assigned host company and complete all tasks given to you to the best of your ability. You understand and accept that failure to adhere to this clause may result in Your internship being terminated by the host company and as a result, CP reserves the right to terminate your participation on the program with immediate effect. No refund will be provided in this scenario.
  • Accept CP has no control over the jobs, tasks, type or amount of work given to You by your host company, during your time on the program.
  • You must communicate with CP any serious complaints, including concerns related to dissatisfaction with our services or with your host company.
  • Take responsibility for your conduct at all times while on the program.
  • You agree not to act irresponsibly, break the local laws or customs of Your internship location, or put Yourself or others in dangerous situations. If You do, You will be responsible for the consequences and CP reserves the right to terminate Your participation in the program with immediate effect. No refunds will be issued under these circumstances.
  • The contract takes effect upon Your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions (continuing the application process without protest to the Terms and Conditions will be understood as acceptance of the contract).


    Fees can be paid by bank transfers or via card through our website or electronic invoice. The Application Fee is due at the point of completing Your application the remaining fee, are to be paid in full within 7 calendar days from receiving an invoice from CP. Bank charges are Your liability.

    After an offer for a place on our program has been sent to you, a deposit of 450 GBP has to be paid by You to CP within 7 calendar days of receiving the invoice. This fee is non-refundable under any circumstance, except in the case of CP failing to find you a suitable internship.The remaining fee of 450 GBP for the program has to be paid within 7 calendar days from an offer letter from the host company has been issued. Payment is defined as receipt of funds in our bank account or presenting a valid proof of bank transfer. Any bank costs incurred are your liability.

    It is Your responsibility to make sure that payment by bank transfer is possible in time from Your bank account or find alternative ways of making the bank transfer before the 7-day deadline.

    No compensation, fee reductions, refunds, credit or extension of the programme can be given under normal circumstances, including:

    • Services or inclusions as defined on the website not used
    • Late start, absence or early finish from a program
    • Days when the company is closed because of official holidays

    There is an application fee of £50 to apply for the Program. This will be refunded in full if your application is rejected. If you voluntarily drop out of the program, this fee will not be refunded.


      Upon successful completion of the remote internship program, you will be eligible for a £500 scholarship, which can be used on any of Capital Placement’s international internship programs in New York, London or Singapore within 18 months of completing the remote internship. 

      This scholarship has no monetary value and cannot be transferred to a third party or exchanged for cash or equivalent.


        The internship found for You will only be confirmed after the application fee and the deposit has been paid in full.

        Any work-related issues between You and the host company are to be solved between the two parties. CP is an agent for the sourcing of the internship and cannot guarantee the content and quality of the internship. In case of dispute, CP can act as a mediator if necessary.

        Once You have been issued an offer letter from the host company, the host company cannot be changed under any circumstance.

        In instances where the assigned host company demands it, You agree to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with the assigned host company. Regardless of whether or not the assigned host company requires a written Non-Disclosure Agreement, then You agree to respect and keep confidential the Intellectual Property and any confidential information of the assigned host company. Any violation of this clause can have severe consequences, including possible prosecution and lawsuits.

        We are not responsible for the workload provided by the assigned host company whether it is high intensity or low intensity. In such situations, You should discuss the problem with Us and We will endeavour to resolve the issue accordingly.

        If the assigned host company terminates Your placement prior to the end of the stated time as a result of Your inadequate or unhelpful participation, prolonged or repeated absence from work, or repeated tardiness at work, or unethical conduct, or improper conduct, or improper behaviour, or violation of the contract with the employer, or any violation of company rules, or the laws of the respective country, or any similar acts or omissions, no refund of Program fees will be given and We are under no obligation to provide another placement. In such a case, We reserve the right to cancel Your program with immediate effect.

        Prior to the offer letter being issued by your Host company, You can extend or reduce the duration of the program without any additional fee.