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Funding your internship abroad: 2022 Guide

Compared to the vast amount that students spend on getting their degree these days, our paid internships provide excellent value for money. Thus, employers generally rank work experience as the most valuable aspect of a successful candidates profile.

Consequently, by not having work experience in your chosen field, you are missing out on numerous potential job offers. In addition, 60% of our interns go on to get jobs with the company they intern with.

Whilst the value our internships provide is obvious, some candidates find it hard to fund their placement. Therefore, this article will highlight some funding options available for candidates to explore.

University Scholarships/ Grants

Most universities have travel/overseas working grants and bursaries available. As a result, you should enquire directly at your university, to find out more on funding your internship.

To begin with, a list of some of these scholarships in the UK are:

  1. Charlie Bayne Travel Trust (University Of Cambridge)
  2. Andy Ozimek Travel Bursary (University Of Birmingham)
  3. Graduate Travel Fund (University Of Birmingham)
  4. William Morton Memorial Prize (University Of Birmingham – Birmingham Business School)
  5. Sir Godfrey Collins Travelling Scholarship (University Of Glasgow)
  6. Lord Kelvin Adam Smith Scholarships (University Of Glasgow)
  7. Zibby Garnett Travelling Fellowship (De Montfort University)
  8. Martha Vidor Studentship (University Of Liverpool – School Of Music).

Additionally, in the USA there are the following:

  1. AIFS Abroad Scholarship
  2. Asian Cultural Council
  3. Boren Scholarship
  4. Freeman Asia
  5. Fund for Education Abroad
  6. Fund My Travel
  7. Fulbright Scholarship
  8. Gilman Scholarship
  9. Go Overseas Study Abroad Scholarships
  10. Hispanic Scholarship Fund
  11. IIE Study Abroad Funding and Rotary International.


Besides scholarships, there are lots of Crowd Funding sites, which can allow you to raise money not just to fund your internship but any other causes! Subsequently, some of these may be useful to raise money for your placement. Therefore, here’s a list of some of these are:


Also, you could also be creative with other methods of fundraising. Some basic ideas are event organisation or a sponsored sporting achievement. However, you could also be far more creative with this. For more inspiration have a look here.

Instalment Plan

In addition, If you apply at least six months before the internship, we can allow you to pay in monthly instalments to spread the cost and let you to budget your finances better. To find out more about payment plans, send us an email at [email protected]. In conclusion, there are several ways in which you may be able to fund your internship.

Internship Scholarship

The Capital Placement Scholarship seeks to provide opportunities to graduates in need of financial assistance, and who will benefit from the knowledge and skills acquired during their internship abroad. Capital Placement also offers a £750 scholarship for Internship Abroad Programme to the candidates who enrolled in Remote Internships Programme prior to Internship Abroad Programme

Capital Placement

Capital Placement

Capital Placement offering global internship programmes for students and recent graduates since 2012 with one of our 1500+ partner companies across 25+ industries.

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