Apply for marketing internships abroad. Grow your digital marketing, search engine, PPC, social media, creative and communication skills as a marketing intern.

Our digital marketing internships offer hands-on experience and a learning experience in developing multi-channel digital communication trends, and creative online marketing methods. Working in a Digital Marketing internship involves social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), mobile marketing and affiliate marketing. Digital Marketing involves overseeing the online marketing strategy for organisations. An internship in this field requires skills in planning and executing digital email marketing campaigns and design, as well as maintaining and supplying content for a company’s website. Interns will have the opportunity to engage with the public through social media and ensure visitor flow to digital sites improving SEO. Interns will learn how to analyse and report on visitor data, and to devise new ways to market products.

Marketing internships requires knowledge of setting market goals, web development, web advertising and social media development strategies. Interns must also have knowledge of digital marketing practices, concepts and procedures. Generally, interns will improve their capacity to plan, develop and analyze key metrics for website traffic through applying digital marketing theories and principles. Interns will assist in creating and overseeing long-term digital marketing campaigns as well as spearheading short-term advertising and marketing solutions.